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Suresh (sureša) is a Sanskrit word which means "Ruler of Gods"; from sur ‘god’ + īša ‘lord’, which is an epithet of the god Indra.[1]

It is used as[citation needed] a synonym for the Hindu God Vishnu. It may also refer to Devendra or Shiva depending on which branch of Hinduism.

Suresh is a frequently used name for Hindu male children. It is a popular first name in Nepal and India and a common family name in North America and the Caribbean. Variations of this name in Latin America include Sureza, Sureze, Cires and Cirez.[citation needed] Several of these examples are found on the South-Eastern region of the Dominican Republic (La Romana, San Pedro de Macorís, Boca Chica, etc.)

People named Suresh include:

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