Surf Excel

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Surf Excel
Surf Excel.svg
Product type Laundry detergent
Owner Unilever
Introduced 1996
Related brands OMO, Breeze, Skip
Markets India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,

Surf Excel is a Unilever brand marketed as the counterpart brand of OMO detergent in the India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka markets.


The Surf brand was the first detergent powder introduced in Pakistan (1948) and India (1959). Initially, Surf was positioned on the clean proposition of “washes whitest”. However, with the emergence of numerous local detergent manufacturers and the entry of other global brands, Surf underwent various changes in its brand communication and was replaced by Surf Excel in 1996. This is in line with the Unilever global communication platform of "Dirt Is Good" for its premium detergent brands (OMO, Persil , Skip).

Product Range[edit]

Surf Excel products include Surf Excel, a detergent powder designed specially for washing machines as it has a low lather formula.Surf Excel Matic was launched in the year 2002. Surf Excel Matic has 2 variants Top Load & Front Load. Surf Excel Matic Top Load with special ‘Multi Active System’ molecules is specially designed to work in large quantities of water & remove tough stains in the washing machine itself. While Surf Excel Matic Front Load with its concentrated 'low foam'‘2X Formula’ is designed to remove stains without generating excess foam which is harmful for washing machine. Quick Wash is a product that saves up to 2 buckets of water and Blue is used for Fabric and Color Care. Surf Excel also has some specialist products like Gentle Wash, a liquid detergent, and Surf Excel Bar, a nil mineral detergent bar. NIL MINERAL BAR it is a great brand. In India, HUL is the only company where NMB is manufactured.

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