Surf na crvenom talasu

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Surf na crvenom talasu
Author Aleksandar Đuričić
Cover artist Sasa Numić
Country Serbia
Language Serbian
Genre novel
Publisher Ukronija
Publication date
Pages 289
ISBN 978-86-84807-28-3
OCLC 277175250

Surf na crvenom talasu (in English Surfing on the red wave) is a novel by Aleksandar Đuričić published by Ukronija in 2007. The story takes place in Belgrade from 1997 to 2006, and follows the life of several young people in their adolescent period.

Plot summary[edit]

The story is divided into three parts. The first part "Zeleno" (eng. Green) is allotted 23 chapters, the second "Zuto" (Yellow) 18 chapters, and "Crveno" (Red) 16 chapters in the 57-chapter work. Names of these parts refer to three colors of the traffic light.

The story follows a 15-year-old girl Marija from the moment of her moving to Belgrade from a small town where she previously lived with her parents. The young, pretty and quite immodest girl dreams about glory and wealth during the difficult years of political and economy crisis. She starts a relation with recently enriched young man Luka, who is involved in new kind of dangerous, but also profitable, street game called "Serbian Roulette" – suicidal street races against all traffic rules.

Everything goes well between Marija and Luka, until he proposes to include his best friend Viktor, beautiful green-eyed playboy, into their sexual relation. She becomes confused and unsure about her feelings for Viktor, and also very jealous on Luka’s and Viktor’s friendship. Things get even worse after sudden return of Marija’s old friend Jovana, who appears to know the secret of Marija’s early sins. Her intentions to have revenge and reveal everything to Luka and Viktor threatens to ruin not only Marija’s love relation, but also her financial interests.

People and the transition[edit]

Throughout Surf na crvenom talsu, Aleksandar Đuričić explores the influence of transition on the young people in Serbia, at the end of twentieth and the beginning of twenty-first century. The emotional story about love and friendship is told in the shadow of some political historical events, such as 1999 NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the fall of Slobodan Milošević in 2000, the Zoran Đinđić assassination in 2003.

Main characters[edit]

  • Marija - a pretty blond girl determined to achieve success, glory and wellness in the big city of Belgrade using her charms and beauty.
  • Luka - a young political dissident. After the fall of Milošević's regime his father unexpectedly becomes very rich, and the young Luka gets to be the perfect target for Marija.
  • Viktor - an attractive playboy who enjoys many vices, sharing them with his best friend Luka.
  • Jovana - an unattractive and plain girl, Marija's best friend, who used to be her roommate until she moved to London.
  • Daca Faca - Victor's faithful girlfriend who owns a beauty salon.
  • Željko - Marija's gay friend who used to be her first boyfriend.
  • Džezer - a musician who introduces "Serbian Roulette" to Luka.
  • Tina - Džezer's girlfriend, eccentric directress.
  • Bisa - Marija's mother, neurotic woman with an exaggerated affection for her daughter.

Theatrical adaptations[edit]

This novel has been partially adapted as a short play for promotional needs, performed by Glembay Theatre.


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