Surfing Soweto

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Surfing Soweto
Film poster
Directed by Sara Blecher
Produced by Sara Blecher
Screenplay by Justine Loots
Music by Phillip Miller
Cinematography Dudley Saunders
Edited by Karyn Bosch
Release date
  • 2010 (2010)
Running time
85 minutes
Country South Africa

Surfing Soweto is a 2010 documentary film directed by Sara Blecher.


Surfing Soweto is the story of a forgotten generation: Bitch Nigga, Lefa and Mzembe are three of the most notorious train surfers in Soweto. They represent a generation of alienated youth, born during the glowing promise after the demise of apartheid and yet without the skills or wherewithal to reap the benefits of their newly-won freedoms. Surfing Soweto shows them riding on the top of trains (train surfing) which in South Africa is known as "ukudlala istaff",[1] ducking as they hurtle past lethal electrical cables, and also in the intimacy of their homes and families.[2][3]


  • Tri-Continental 2010


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