Surgut-2 Power Station

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Surgut-2 Power Station
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Surgut-2 Power Station is located in Russia
Surgut-2 Power Station
Location of Surgut-2 Power Station in Russia
Country Russia
Location Surgut
Coordinates 61°16′46″N 73°30′45″E / 61.27944°N 73.51250°E / 61.27944; 73.51250Coordinates: 61°16′46″N 73°30′45″E / 61.27944°N 73.51250°E / 61.27944; 73.51250
Status Operational
Owner(s) Unipro (company)
Thermal power station
Primary fuel natural gas
Combined cycle? Yes
Power generation
Units operational 6 × 800 MW
2 × 400 MW
Nameplate capacity 5,597.1 MW
Annual output 39.97 TWh[1]

The Surgut-2 Power Station on the Ob River in Russia is the largest gas-fired power station in the world,[2] with an installed capacity of 5,597.1 MW in 2011.

Expansion in 2011[edit]

Expansion of the power plant involved the construction of two ≈400 MW units by December 2011, costing nearly RUB 19 billion, which increased its original capacity of 4,800 MW to 5,597.1 MW.[3][4][5] The two new blocks do not use dried oil gas as is the case in the other six generators. They consume natural gas as a fuel, utilizing combined cycle, with overall efficiency rates of 56%. General Electric is the manufacturer and supplier of the generators.

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