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Suroosh Alvi
Suroosh Alvi November 2016.jpg
Alvi in 2016
Born (1969-03-26) March 26, 1969 (age 49)
Toronto, Ontario
Residence New York City, New York
Nationality Canadian
Alma mater McGill University
Occupation Journalist
Known for Co-founder of VICE magazine

Suroosh Alvi (born 26 March 1969) is a Pakistani Canadian journalist and filmmaker. He is the co-founder of Vice Media, a youth media brand operating in more than 50 countries.[1][2] Alvi is a travelled journalist and an executive producer of film, covering global youth culture, news, and music. He has hosted and produced award-winning documentaries investigating controversial issues, movements, and subcultures, including conflict minerals in Congo, the Iraq War, and the rise of the Taliban of Pakistan and global terrorism.[3][4]

Early life[edit]

Suroosh Alvi was born in Toronto, Ontario to Muslim Pakistani parents,[5] both of whom are academics; his mother is Sajida S. Alvi, whose focus is on Islamic Studies and Mughal history,[6] and who is now professor emerita at McGill University,[7] and his father is Sabir A. Alvi, professor emeritus in psychology at the University of Toronto.[6][8] Alvi studied philosophy at McGill University.[9]


Suroosh Alvi launched VICE with Shane Smith and Gavin McInnes in Montreal in 1994.[10] Originally a punk magazine, VICE has expanded to include a network of digital properties, including,, and as well as a cable and OTT network, a record label, an in-house creative services agency and a book publishing division. Today VICE produces dozens of original video series, covering news, travel, music, arts, fashion and food, and has a network of correspondents and bureaus.[11] As a journalist, Alvi has reported for VICE on HBO and VICE News, which together have received both Emmy and Peabody awards.[12][13]

In 2014, Alvi served as a guest curator for the PHI Centre in Montreal and oversaw a month's worth of programming.[10]

VICE Reporting[edit]

In 2006, as VICE was expanding from magazine publishing to video reporting, Suroosh Alvi reported a segment on the "Gun Markets of Pakistan."[6][14] Since then, Suroosh Alvi has covered stories from around the world, reporting from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Gaza Strip.[15][16][17][18] He has produced and hosted documentaries for VICE on HBO, VICE News and VICE Travel series. In 2017, VICE launched a multi-part series hosted by Alvi examining "the origins and impact of the world's deadliest terrorist organizations: al Qaeda in Yemen, al Shabaab in Somalia, Boko Haram in Nigeria, the Tehrik-i-Taliban in Pakistan and the Islamic State in Iraq."[19]

VICE Music[edit]

In 2002, Alvi created VICE Music, the company's record label which has partnered with over 50 artists and sold more than 7 million albums worldwide. Clients have included Snoop Lion, Action Bronson, Black Lips, Justice, Chromeo, The Streets, Bloc Party, and Death From Above 1979. In 2011, Alvi launched a partnership between VICE Music and Warner Bros. Records.[20][21]

VICE Film[edit]

In 2007, Alvi co-directed and executive produced the VICE Film, Heavy Metal in Baghdad - a documentary that follows the Iraqi heavy metal band Acrassicauda from the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003 to the present day. The film was an official selection at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival and the 2008 Berlin Film Festival, and it was named Best Documentary at the 2008 Warsaw Film Festival.[22]

In 2012, Alvi travelled to Jamaica with VICE where he produced the feature-length film, REINCARNATED, featuring Snoop Lion, along with director Andy Capper. The film was accepted at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival and had its US premiere at the 2013 SXSW festival.[23]

Personal life[edit]

Alvi resides in New York City. He has mentioned he is married in an interview.[24] He has a young son.[6]


Alvi has producer, executive producer, writer or director credits on a range of documentary films, documentary shorts and television series.>[25]

Television Series

  • The Vice Guide to Everything (2010)
  • Vice Meets (2011)
  • Upgrade (2011)
  • Epicly Later'd (2011)
  • Dalston Superstars (2011)
  • Powder and Rails (2011)
  • The Vice Guide to Travel (2011)
  • Picture Perfect (2011)
  • Art Talk (2011)
  • Motherboard (2011)
  • Behind the Seams (2012)
  • Discotecture (2012)
  • Far Out (2012)
  • Vice (2013)
  • Vice News (2014)
  • Vice News: Russian Roulette — the Invasion of Ukraine (2014)
  • Abandonware (2015)
  • Moj Sport (2015)
  • Cut-Off (2016)
  • Fuck, That's Delicious (2016)
  • Vice Essentials Canada (2016)
  • Tattoo Age (2017)
  • Vice News: Terror (2017)
  • World of Vice (2017)


  • Heavy Metal in Baghdad (2006)
  • Heavy Metal in Istanbul (2008)
  • North Korean Film Madness (2010)
  • Aokigahara: Suicide Forest (2011)
  • The Vice Guide to Congo (2011)
  • Toxic Amazon (2011)
  • Reincarnated (2012)
  • Lil Bub and Friendz (2013)
  • Svddxnly (2014)
  • Shelter (2016)

Documentary Shorts

  • Gun Markets of Pakistan (2006)
  • Tokoloshe (2010)
  • Life after Bin Laden in Pakistan (2011)
  • Tokyo Rising (2011)
  • The Rebels of Libya (2011)
  • Rule Britannia: The British Wrester (2012)
  • Vice Guide to Karachi: Battle of Lyari (2012)
  • Cowboy Capitalists (2013)
  • The Vice Podcast Show (2013)
  • In Saddam's Shadow: Baghdad 10 Years After the Invasion (2013)
  • Korean Poo Wine (2013)
  • The Elmore B&S Ball (2013)
  • My Life Online: The Grim Loner (2014)
  • Blood Debt (2014)
  • Rooted (2015)
  • Inside the Monkey Lab (2015)
  • Inside the Superhuman World of the Iceman (2015)
  • Blast Fishing in Montenegro (2015)
  • Valley of the Islamic Dolls (2015)
  • Kanabis Ismedju Bola i Zakona (2015)
  • Krivolovci: Hunting for Poachers in Siberia (2015)
  • Svet Suspenzija/World of Suspension (2015)
  • Izvan Granica Seksa (2016)
  • Behind the Zero Line (2016)
  • Making Contact (2017)
  • Vice Talks Week with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (2017)
  • Turbotronik (2017)
  • Izpravljanie Krivine (2017)


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