Surp Hagop Church

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Church of Saint Jacob of Nisibis
Սուրբ Յակոբ Եկեղեցի
كنيسة القديس يعقوب
Saint James Armenian Church, Aleppo (exterior 2).jpg
Aerial view of the church of Saint Jacob of Nisibis
AffiliationArmenian Apostolic Church,
Diocese of Beroea
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusactive
Year consecrated1943
LocationOld Syriac (Assyrian) Quarter, Aleppo, Syria Syria
Surp Hagop Church is located in Aleppo
Surp Hagop Church
Location in Aleppo
Geographic coordinates36°13′02″N 37°08′43″E / 36.2173°N 37.1452°E / 36.2173; 37.1452Coordinates: 36°13′02″N 37°08′43″E / 36.2173°N 37.1452°E / 36.2173; 37.1452
StyleSingle-nave basilica with no dome

Surp Hagop Church (Armenian: Սուրբ Յակոբ Եկեղեցի); also Saint Jacob or Saint James, is a small Armenian Apostolic church, located on al-Iman street in the Old Syriac (Assyrian) quarter of Aleppo, Syria. It was opened in 1943 and later enlarged in 1962.


The ground blessing ceremony of this small church took place on 3 June 1934, during the period of Archbishop Ardavazt Surmeyan of the Armenian Diocese of Beroea, on a piece of land occupying around 750 square meters, donated by the Italian General Consul of Aleppo, Georgio Marcopolli.[1] However, the construction process started only in 1940, with the erection of a small building. The consecration of the church took place in 1943 with the presence of the community leaders. The church was named in the honour of Saint Jacob of Nisibis.

The current shape of the church dates back to 1962, after a major enlargement process. Surrounded with a small yard, the church is still without dome and belfry.

In 1988–89, the church has been completely renovated by the Armenian Diocese of Beroea.[2]



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