Surp Hovhannes Church of Voskevaz

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Surp Hovhannes Church
Սուրբ Յովհաննէս Եկեղեցի
Voskevaz Church.JPG
The basilica of S. Hovhannes at Voskevaz.
AffiliationArmenian Apostolic Church
LocationVoskevaz village, Aragatsotn Province,  Armenia
Surp Hovhannes Church of Voskevaz is located in Armenia
Surp Hovhannes Church of Voskevaz
Shown within Armenia
Geographic coordinates40°16′24″N 44°17′54″E / 40.27328°N 44.29825°E / 40.27328; 44.29825Coordinates: 40°16′24″N 44°17′54″E / 40.27328°N 44.29825°E / 40.27328; 44.29825
Completed7th to 12th centuries
Dome(s)1, now collapsed

Surp Hovhannes (Armenian: Սուրբ ՅովհաննԷս Եկեղեցի; meaning Saint John) or Voskevaz Church (Armenian: Ոսկեվազ եկեղեցի) is a 7th- to 12th-century basilica located in the village of Voskevaz in the Aragatsotn Province of Armenia.


The church of S. Hovhannes is a large cruciform central plan interior and rectangular exterior plan type basilica. It is missing the drum and dome that once stood above. Two portals lead into the church. Much of the church is void of any decoration.


The structure is currently (as of late 2009) being renovated and parts are being reconstructed.




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