Surp Marineh Church, Mush

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Saint Marineh Church
Սուրբ Մարինէ եկեղեցի
Surb Marine Church of Mush 01.jpg
AffiliationArmenian Apostolic Church
ProvinceMuş Province
RegionEastern Anatolia Region
StatusCeased functioning as a church in 1915
Surp Marineh Church, Mush is located in Turkey
Surp Marineh Church, Mush
Shown within Turkey
Geographic coordinates38°42′54″N 41°30′09″E / 38.7150°N 41.5025°E / 38.7150; 41.5025Coordinates: 38°42′54″N 41°30′09″E / 38.7150°N 41.5025°E / 38.7150; 41.5025
Completed6th century

Surp Marineh Church (Armenian: Սուրբ Մարինէ եկեղեցի) was one of eight churches existing in town of Moush (Armenian: Մուշ) before the Armenian genocide. Surp Marineh was the most notable church in whole Tarawn (Armenian: Տարոն) region of Historical Armenia, and was known as "Katoghike" (Armenian: Կաթողիկէ meaning Cathedral). Currently it is in a ruinous state and only parts of the outer walls still stand.[1][2]


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