Surprise (S.E.S. album)

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Compilation album by S.E.S.
Released July 13, 2001
Genre K-pop, dance
Language Korean
Label S.M. Entertainment
Producer Lee Soo-man
S.E.S. chronology
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Surprise is a compilation album released in 2001 by S.E.S. under SM Entertainment. This is also considered their 4.5 album (and first special album). It has sold approximately 350,000 copies. The record is composed of Korean versions of the group's Japanese songs. The only single was "꿈을 모아서 (Just In Love)" (originally "Yume wo Kasanete"). A bonus track, "Fate World" (a Korean version of "Meguriau Sekai"), was also included.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 사랑이라는 이름의 용기 (In the Name of Love)
  2. Unh... Happy Day
  3. 꿈을 모아서 (Just In Love)
  4. Like a Shooting Star
  5. W/O/U
  6. A Song for You
  7. Little Bird
  8. Believe in Love
  9. Love Is Day by Day
  10. Searchin' for My Love
  11. Sweety Humming
  12. 달 끝까지 (Beyond the Moon)
  13. Fate World (Hidden Track)

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