Surprise (paddle steamer)

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Builder: Henry Gilbert
Launched: 14 March 1831
General characteristics
Type: Paddle steamer
Length: 58 ft (18 m)

Surprise was the first paddle steamer, and the first steam powered vessel, built and run in Australia. It was built possibly on the Parramatta River, by shipbuilder Henry Gilbert,[1] and launched in Sydney on 14 March 1831. Its first voyage was on 1 June on the Parramatta River.[2] It was 58 feet long.[3]

The first steamer to operate in Australian waters was Sophia Jane, built in England which arrived in 1831. It was having its paddles fitted when Surprise made its first voyage.[2]

On 30 May, Surprize [sic] advertised a service to Parramatta. At that time ferry services were not advertised in Sydney. Sophia Jane advertised the first cruise on 13 June. From 8 August, Surprise published a timetable in the Sydney Herald.[4]

Surprise was built to operate on the Parramatta River and later operated in Tasmanian waters. Its fate is not known.[1]


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