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The Surra de Bunda is a dance invented by the group Tequileiras do Funk, from São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil, which involves a female dancer "beating" her buttocks into a man's face.[1][2] It gained international attention by mid-2010. The phrase Surra de Bunda in Brazilian Portuguese loosely means "butt beat", "butt pounding" or, more accurately, "punishment by ass".[1][3]


Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation varies wildly from region to region. The double "r" in the word "surra" is pronounced as the English "h" [ˈsuha] in most of Brazil, although in the southernmost states you may hear it as the Spanish "rolled R" [ˈsura]. The "u" in "bunda" is close to the English "oo" [ˈbuŋda] but in the northern half of the country it is combined with the "n" to create a "nasal OO" [ˈbũda]. "De" is pronounced as the "jee" in "jeep" [dʒi] in most of Brazil, but in some places where the "d" is not palatalized, it can be pronounced as "dee" [di].


During the groups' performance, male audience members are invited on stage, and will sit down with their legs out straight in front of them. Bikini-clad dancers will then dance around the men, and eventually kneel in front of them with their butt facing the men's faces. Often the dancers will place their ankles on the man's shoulders locking ankles. At this point they will begin to ram the male's face into the butt with the rhythm of the music. By mid-2010, the eyebrow-raising dance began to spread with online videos of the dance,[4][5][6][7] other dancers reportedly adopting it, and clips broadcast on some Brazilian television outlets. The dance was developed with over-the-top humorous intentions.[1][8]

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