Surrey County, Jamaica

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Surrey County

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Location of Surrey County
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Surrey (also Surry) is the easternmost and the smallest by area of the three historic counties into which Jamaica is divided. It was created in 1758, and is divided into four parishes.[1]


Jamaica's three counties (Surrey, Middlesex and Cornwall) were established in 1758 to facilitate the holding of courts along the lines of the British county court system.[2] Surrey was named after the English county in which Kingston upon Thames is found.[2] Kingston was its county town.[2]

Parish list and map[edit]

Jamaica parishes numbered2.png

The county of Surrey is shown in yellow.

Surrey County
Parish Area
Census 2011
11 Kingston Parish(1) (2) 21.8 96,052 Kingston
12 Portland 814.0 80,205 Port Antonio
13 Saint Andrew(1) 430.7 555,828 Half Way Tree
14 Saint Thomas 742.8 91,604 Morant Bay
  Surrey County 2,009.3 823,689
  Jamaica total 10,990.5 2,607,631 Kingston

(1) Kingston Parish and Saint Andrew Parish together form Kingston and St Andrew Corporation.
(2) Kingston Parish does not encompass all of Kingston.


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Coordinates: 18°03′N 76°32′W / 18.05°N 76.54°W / 18.05; -76.54