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Surrey County Council
Surrey shield.svg
Coat of arms
Non-metropolitan council
Chairman of the Council
Cllr Peter Martin
Since 5 May 2017
Leader of the Council
David Hodge CBE, Conservative
Since 11 October 2011
Chief Executive
Joanna Killian [1]
Since March 2018
Seats81 councillors
Political groups
     Conservative (61)
Other parties
     Liberal Democrats (9)
     Residents Association (8)
     Labour (1)
     Green Party (1)
     Independent (1)
Length of term
4 years
First past the post[2]
Last election
4 May 2017[2]
Next election
6 May 2021

Surrey County Council is the county council administering certain services in the non-metropolitan county of Surrey in England. The council is composed of 81 elected Councillors, the majority of whom are members of the Conservative party.[3] The leader of the council is David Hodge.[4]



Surrey County Council was created in 1889 by the Local Government Act 1888, which established the county council local government system in England and Wales. The council was originally headquartered in Newington;[5] however it moved to Surrey County Hall, Kingston upon Thames in 1893 as Newington had become part of the County of London in 1889 instead of Surrey.[6] Kingston upon Thames became part of Greater London in 1965, but the headquarters remain there.


The Local Government Act 1972 led to Surrey becoming a Non-metropolitan county.[7][8]


The council is responsible for a number of local public services in Surrey. These include the standard responsibilities of county councils in England and Wales such as transport and highway management, waste disposal (but not collection) and education.[9]

Parents are taking Surrey County Council to court because they claim their disabled children's needs are not met due to cuts. Debbie Butler with an autistic son and daughter stated, "The support that these children get could enable them to be independent. Without that support, they're always going to need help from society, so in the long term it's actually cheaper to put the provision in now."[10]

District and borough councils[edit]

There are 11 borough or district councils that govern at a more local level than Surrey County Council.[11]


The public have elected a majority of Conservative councillors to its political body since 1965, with one exception — from 1993 to 1997 a status of no overall control in the declared affiliations of councillors prevailed.[12]

The most recent election (in 2017) altered the composition of the council chamber and committees to a total of: 61 Conservatives, 9 Liberal Democrats, 9 Residents association/Independent councillors, 1 Labour and 1 Green councillor.[3][13]

The next elections will take place in May 2021.[14][15]


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