Surrey Herald Extraordinary

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Surrey Herald Extraordinary
Badge of the Surrey Herald Extraordinary.svg
The heraldic badge of Surrey Herald of Arms Extraordinary
Heraldic tradition Gallo-British
Jurisdiction England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Governing body College of Arms

Surrey Herald of Arms Extraordinary was an English officer of arms. Though an officer of the crown, Surrey Herald Extraordinary was not a member of the corporation of the College of Arms in London. This office was created in 1856 and first held by Edward Stephen Dendy. The badge of office was assigned in 1981. The badge is blazoned Within a representation of a Herald's Collar of SS Argent a Tabard chequy Or and Azure. These were the arms of John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey in the late thirteenth century, from whom the earldom descended through the Fitzalans to the Howard dukes of Norfolk and earls marshal.

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