Surti buffalo

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Other names
  • Deccani
  • Gujarati
  • Nadiadi
  • Surati
Country of origin India
Distribution Gujarat: Anand, Kaira and Baroda districts
Use Dairy
  • Male: average 499 kg
  • Female: average 408 kg
  • Male: ca. 130 cm
  • Female: ca. 125 cm
Coat rusty brown or silver-grey

The Surti is a breed of water buffalo found in the Charottar tract[clarification needed] of Gujarat between the Mahi and Sabarmati rivers. The best animals of this breed are found in Anand, Kaira and Baroda districts of Gujarat.[1]

Characteristics of the breed[edit]

The Surti buffalo is of medium size and docile temperament. The breed has got a fairly broad and long head with a convex shape at the top in between horns. Horns are sickle-shaped and flat which grow in a downward & backward direction and then upwards at the tip forming a hook. The skin is black or brown. Surti breed has got a unique straight back. Good specimens have two white collars.

Performance of the breed[edit]

Average milk production:-

  • Ist Lactation:-1500-1600 kg
  • Other than Ist Lactation:- 1900–2000 kg

Fat:- 7 to 7.5%

SNF:- 9 to 9.15%

Age at Ist calving:- 45 to 47 months

Calving interval:- 400 to 425 days

Breeding period:- Seasonal (Sept. to April)


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