Suruí (Pará)

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Suruí do Pará
Total population
(330 (2010)[1])
Regions with significant populations
 Brazil ( Pará)[1]
Suruí do Pará[2]
traditional tribal religion
Related ethnic groups
Asuriní do Tocantins and Parakanã[2]

The Suruí people, are an indigenous people of Brazil, who live in the state of Pará. They are a different people than the Suruí do Jiparaná.[2]


The Suruí are also known as the Suruí, Sororós,[1] Aikewara, Akewara, and Akewere people.[2]


The Suruí do Pará language belongs to Subgroup IV of the Tupi-Guarani language family. It is written in the Latin script, and literacy rates in the language are extremely low.[2]


First prolonged contact with the modern world came in the late 1960s. The tribe was decimated by disease. In 1960, they experienced an influenza epidemic, followed by a smallpox epidemic in 1962. The Suruí fled their homeland due to attacks by the Xikrin people.[1]

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