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ikeGPS Limited
Traded as NZX: IKE
Industry Geospatial Information Systems, Emergency management, Critical asset management, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Mapping, Utilities, Mobile Resource Management, Government
Founded New Zealand (2004)
Headquarters Wellington, New Zealand
Key people
Glenn Milnes - CEO
Website www.ikegps.com

ikeGPS Limited (previously company name was Surveylab) is a technology company that designs and manufactures ikeGPS solutions - a handheld integrated laser range finder, camera, computer, GPS, and 3D compass combined with industry specific software solutions for measuring and modeling assets. ikeGPS is the first device that can provide verified geotagged data of any distant target together with images that can be accurately measured.


ikeGPS was founded in the mid-2000s by a group of engineers seeking to design and commercialize a solutions to enable the capture of verifiable geodata of offset assets and targets for use in Geographical Information Systems. ikeGPS is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand, with offices in Broomfield, Colorado and Seattle, Washington.


IkeGPS allows a user to quickly record the geodata of multiple targets together with their photographs. ikeGPS lets the user do this from a distance, which is helpful if the user is dealing with any hard to reach or dangerous target. In 2009, GPS World reviewed ikeGPS as the best GPS device in the world for its purpose because of its unique capability.[1]

The Spike product uses a phone camera and uses a laser-based system to capture height, width, and distance of any object within 2% accuracy. Using an app, with those specifications, the volume of the object and then model it in 3D.[2]


ikeGPS is used around the world by utilities for pole audits and asset management, by intelligence and defense groups and by other organisations for emergency management and enterprise asset management. A major user of the ikeGPS is the United States Army Corps of Engineers who have deployed the ikeGPS across a range of applications, for example after the 2005 levee failures in Greater New Orleans – so that engineers could send back information about the scale of problems to be dealt with at different sites, and in Afghanistan and Iraq – for rapid mapping of infrastructure. Organisations are also using ikeGPS for humanitarian demining.[3] Surveylab's partners include Science Applications International Corporation.

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