Survival of the Richest

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Survival of the Richest
Created by Alex Ward
Starring Hal Sparks
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 6
Executive producer(s) Joe Houlihan, Zad Rogers, Stuart Krasnow
Running time 42 minutes
Original network The WB
Original release March 31 – May 5, 2006 (2006-05-05)

Survival of the Richest is an American reality television show with the WB Television Network that first aired on March 31, 2006, in which seven "rich kids" who had a combined net worth of over $3 billion were forced to work together with 7 "poor kids" who had a combined debt of $150,000, through a series of challenges to win the grand prize of USD $200,000. It was hosted by Hal Sparks.

Rich Kids[edit]

  1. Kat Moon, Religious Empire Heiress, Family Worth: $989 Million (voted off)
  2. Elizabeth Lewis, Yellow Pages Heiress, Family Worth: Over $1 Billion (eliminated)
  3. Hunter Maats, Dutch Aristocracy, Family Worth: $20 (voted off)
  4. Liz Rubin, Real Estate Heiress, Family Worth: $15 Million (voted off)
  5. Nick Movs, LA Socialite & Heir to Ritz Carlton Hotel Fortune, Family Worth: $500 Million (voted off)
  6. Sam Durrani a/k/a Saima Shahnawaz Khan Durrani, Family Worth: $1 Billion (eliminated)
  7. T.R. Youngblood, Auto Franchise Heir, Family Worth: $20 Million(winner)

Poor Kids[edit]

  1. Tracy Huffstetler, Nanny, Debt: $19,000 (eliminated)
  2. Johanna Allio, Single Mother, Debt: $30,000 (voted off)
  3. Esmerelda Nuñez, Sales Clerk, Debt: $1,200 (voted off)
  4. Marcus Foy, Unemployed, Debt: $7,000 (voted off) (former competitor on The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency)
  5. Michael Keck, Unemployed Receptionist, Debt: $25,000 (voted off)
  6. Jacob LeBlanc, Construction Worker, Debt: $35,000 (eliminated)
  7. Jim Perkins, Student, Debt: $40,000 (winner)


  1. Nick & Michael (voted off)
  2. Liz & Marcus (voted off)
  3. Elizabeth & Tracy (lost in challenge)
  4. Kat & Esmerelda (voted off)
  5. Hunter & Johanna (voted off)
  6. Sammy & Jacob (lost in challenge)
  7. T.R. & Jim (winners)


Episode Task Winner Sent Home
1 Serving at Medieval Times Restaurant Hunter & Johanna Kat & Esmerelda
2 Cleaning at Del Mar Race Track Liz & Marcus Nick & Michael
3 Picking Peppers Sammy & Jacob Elizabeth & Tracey
4 Commercial Fishing Hunter & Johanna Liz & Marcus
5 Military tasks T.R. & Jim Sammy & Jacob
6 Redesign a L.A. Center T.R. & Jim Hunter and Johanna


Episode Viewers
1 8.06 million
2 8.63 million
3 1.65 million
4 1.55 million
5 1.30 million
6 1.18 million

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