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Publisher(s) Kaalus
Platform(s) Windows Phone Android IOS
  • WW: 16 November 2011
Genre(s) Sandbox, survival

Survivalcraft is a sandbox video game first created for the Windows Phone by Kaalus. Today, Survivalcraft is also available on Android, IOS, Amazon, and the Windows Store.[1] It was released to the Windows Phone Store in November 2011.[2] Survivalcraft includes many features, setting it apart from other games such as Minecraft.

Brief introduction[edit]

In Survivalcraft, player is a person who is marooned on a desert island, and he needs to gather resource, make many kinds of items and tools to keep alive. For example, he needs to make clothes to keep him warm, make armor and weapons to protect himself, make tools to improve the effectiveness of working, and so on, like in real world.[3]


There are five different gamemodes in the newest version of the game:


The player has unlimited resources, is invincible and is able to fly.


Harmless is the easiest survivalmode of this game. Block digging is 25% faster and animals will not attack the player unprovoked. The damage of falling is decreased.


Challenging is the standard survivalmode. If the player dies, he/she will respawn at the last sleeping location.


Cruel is the hardest survivalmode. It is practically the same as Challenging with one difference: When a player dies, he will not be able to respawn.


In adventure mode, player cannot dig blocks without suitable tools, and survival mechanism(include stamina, sleeping, hunger and body temperature) can be disabled in the world setting. It is mainly used to play adventure maps.


The first version of Survivalcraft was released in November 2011.[2]

Notable updates[edit]


This version was published in May 2015.[4] Before this version, Survivalcraft used XNA+Monogame as the engine of the game. But since this version, XNA+Monogame is no longer used. Instead, Kaalus made a game engine(called "engine") for this game. [5] The performance of Survivalcraft had improved a lot since then.[citation needed]


This version was published in January 2016. [6]In this version, Kaalus updated block data from 16 bits to 32 bits.[7] This update allowed Kaalus to add more complex block data. So, Kaalus updated painting system in this version.[8]


This version was published in December 2016.[9] Kaalus added a custom furniture system in this version, which is the most complex system in Survivalcraft. Pistons (which are quite different from pistons in Minecraft) were also added in this version. A local splitscreen multiplayer was also introduced in this version.[10]


This version was published in June 2017.[11] This update was mainly embodied in survival mode. For example, food rotting, experience and level system, island terrain and many other new features were added in this version.[10]


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