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Developer(s)Igor Kalicinski[1][2]
Publisher(s)Candy Rufus Games[3][4][1]
  • WW: 16 November 2011
Genre(s)Sandbox, survival
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Survivalcraft is a sandbox video game created by developer Igor Kalicinski, commonly known as Kaalus, available for the Windows Phone[3], Android[4], iOS[1], and the Windows Store.[3][2][5][6] It was initially released to the Windows Phone Store in 16 November 2011.[3][7]


In Survivalcraft the player is marooned on an island and needs to gather food by farming or hunting animals, as well as craft items and tools to keep himself alive.[3][1][4] To survive, the player needs to make clothes to keep warm, make armor and weapons for protection, and craft tools to improve the effectiveness of working.[2][5]

In Creative mode, the player can create a world using an unlimited number of items and can explore it without danger from falls or violence from hostile animals.[2]

The game displays all the weather conditions, as well as birds and animals.[8]

The gameplay of Survivalcraft is similar to and is perceived to be a clone of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, where players build the world using cubes in a 3D-generated environment, although a number of reviews state that the added survival theme gives a more realistic feel.[5][2]


The first version of Survivalcraft was released in 16 November 2011 for the Windows Phone.[3][7]

Another version, Survivalcraft 2, was published in December 2016, which includes major updates such as crafting custom furniture and playing split screen for up to 4 players.[4][1][9]


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