Survivor: Ghost Island

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Survivor: Ghost Island
Survivor Ghost Island logo.jpeg
Presented by Jeff Probst
No. of days 39
No. of castaways 20
Location(s) Mamanuca Islands, Fiji
Filming dates June 5 – July 13, 2017
Original release February 28, 2018 (2018-02-28) – present
Preceded by Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

Survivor: Ghost Island is the 36th season of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. Ghost Island was filmed in the summer of 2017 and premiered on February 28, 2018, on CBS with a two-hour episode.[1]

This season introduces the titular Ghost Island, a secluded location that castaways will be banished to for short periods, similar to Exile Island. Ghost Island features mementos and props from previous seasons of Survivor, including several misplayed advantages. Banished castaways will be given the opportunity to acquire these advantages, under the premise of learning from past castaways' mistakes.[2] This season was the fifth to be filmed in Fiji, the most of any country.


List of Current Survivor: Ghost Island contestants
Contestant Original tribe Switched tribe Finish
Gonzalez, StephanieStephanie Gonzalez
26, Ocala, Florida
Malolo 1st voted out
Day 3
Derwin, JacobJacob Derwin
22, Brooklyn, New York
Malolo 2nd voted out
Day 6
Ricke, MorganMorgan Ricke
29, Orlando, Florida
Naviti Naviti 3rd voted out
Day 9
Shapiro, BrendanBrendan Shapiro
41, Herndon, Virginia
Malolo Malolo 4th voted out
Day 12
Abbate, DomenickDomenick Abbate
38, Nesconset, New York
Naviti Naviti
Afuye, DesireeDesiree Afuye
21, Brooklyn, New York
Naviti Malolo
Bechtold, KellynKellyn Bechtold
31, Denver, Colorado
Naviti Malolo
Bowman, JennaJenna Bowman
23, Venice Beach, California
Malolo Malolo
Holland, WendellWendell Holland
33, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Naviti Naviti
Hurley, DonathanDonathan Hurley
26, Kimper, Kentucky
Malolo Naviti
Johnson, LaurelLaurel Johnson
29, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Malolo Naviti
Johnson, StephanieStephanie Johnson
34, Chicago, Illinois
Malolo Malolo
Kleihege, BradleyBradley Kleihege
26, Los Angeles, California
Naviti Malolo
Lim, JamesJames Lim
24, New York City, New York
Malolo Naviti
Noble, ChrisChris Noble
27, Brooklyn, New York
Naviti Naviti
Noel, SebastianSebastian Noel
22, Satellite Beach, Florida
Naviti Malolo
Perkins, AngelaAngela Perkins
42, Cincinnati, Ohio
Naviti Naviti
Townsend, ChelseaChelsea Townsend
24, Los Angeles, California
Naviti Malolo
Vincek, LibbyLibby Vincek
24, Houston, Texas
Malolo Naviti
Yerger, MichaelMichael Yerger
18, Los Angeles, California
Malolo Malolo

Season summary[edit]

Challenge winners and eliminations by episodes
Episode title Original air date Challenge winner(s) Ghost Island Eliminated Finish
Reward Immunity Exiled Game
"Can You Reverse the Curse?" February 28, 2018 Malolo Naviti Jacob Accepted Gonzalez 1st voted out
Day 3
Naviti Donathan None Jacob 2nd voted out
Day 6
"Only Time Will Tell" March 7, 2018 Malolo Chris None Morgan 3rd voted out
Day 9
"Trust Your Gut" March 14, 2018 Naviti Naviti Kellyn Declined Brendan 4th voted out
Day 12
"A Diamond in the Rough" March 21, 2018
"Fate is the Homie" March 28, 2018


No. in
Title CBS recap Rating/share
Original air date U.S. viewers
528 1 "Can You Reverse the Curse?" Recap, part 1
Recap, part 2
1.7/7[3] February 28, 2018 (2018-02-28) 8.19[3] 14[4]

Host Jeff Probst explained the Ghost Island premise to the 20 new castaways upon their arrival, saying that they had a chance to reverse the curse of bad Survivor decisions if they were to visit Ghost Island. Jeff instructed each tribe to choose a leader: Malolo selected Brendan, while Chris volunteered for Naviti. Jeff also told the castaways they would only start with a machete, pot, a fishing kit, and a smaller supply of rice.

  • Reward Challenge: A designated runner will have to race through a series of obstacles to dig up three sets of keys. Then, a designated puzzle solver will use the keys to unlock a slide puzzle. The first person to finish their puzzle wins a massive shelter building kit reward for their tribe. Additionally, the losing tribe will be forced to forfeit their fishing kit. However, if the tribe leader decides to forfeit the challenge during the puzzle solving portion, their tribe will get to keep the fishing kit, but the opposing tribe will get 20 eggs and flint in addition to the shelter building kit.

For Malolo and Naviti, respectively, Michael and Sebastian were selected to run the course, while Laurel and Desiree were selected for the puzzle. Chris pulled the lever on Desiree, preserving Naviti’s fishing kit, but giving the larger reward to Malolo. As the Malolo tribe set up their shelter and got to know each other. Jacob openly stated his intention to search for a hidden immunity idol, causing his tribemates to distrust him. He also poured some of the tribe’s rice in his dirty sock to see if a clue was hidden in the jar, though there was not. Meanwhile at the Naviti camp, a power struggle started between Chris and Domenick, who questioned Chris’s decision to forfeit the opening challenge.

  • Immunity Challenge: Each tribe will have to race across a net bridge to where two bags are hanging. Working together, they will then need to untie the bags to obtain a pair of ropes. Using the ropes, the tribe will need to slide a sled full of big puzzle pieces through a course. At the end of the course, they will need to solve a cube puzzle to win immunity.

Naviti won the challenge, and also received a flint reward, as Malolo already had flint after winning the first reward challenge. For winning the immunity challenge, Naviti had to send one person from Malolo to Ghost Island, where they would be immune from the vote; Naviti sent Jacob after he declared Malolo was the best tribe in Survivor history. On Ghost Island, Jacob had to break an urn to play a game for an advantage; if he lost, he would have to forfeit his vote at the next Tribal Council. He subsequently won a game of chance which gave him Sierra’s legacy advantage from Game Changers. He had to will it to someone from Naviti, and he chose Morgan. He also made a fake idol. At the Malolo camp, the tribe had to come up with a new plan, as Jacob was their intended target. Gonzalez rallied votes against Donathan for being the tribe’s weakest link, but at Tribal Council, her paranoia got the better of her as she whispered to her tribemates, asking who they were targeting that night. Although everyone told her they were targeting Donathan, it was revealed that they had lied to her, and Gonzalez was unanimously blindsided, becoming the first person voted out.

At the Naviti camp, Domenick searched for a hidden immunity idol in the middle of the night, which he eventually found; it was revealed to be Andrea’s idol from Caramoan. The next morning, he attempted to bury the hatchet with Chris, but the tension still lingered between the two. Domenick told Chris he found an idol moments after telling him the opposite, which caused Chris to distrust him. At the Malolo camp, Jacob kept the legacy advantage information to himself and told his tribemates that he had found an idol on Ghost Island, but that he had left the paper behind, making Brendan suspicious.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Two pairs from each tribe will race through a series of obstacles in the water. They will then have to dive to release two sets of buoys. Another member will need to gather all of the marked buoys to the finish, where the last four members will need to get all eight in a basket to win immunity and a comfort reward of chairs, pillows, blankets, and a washboard.

Naviti easily won after James could not even dive a foot in the water. Donathan panicked before eventually diving down and releasing the buoys for Malolo. Naviti sent Donathan to Ghost Island, and the urn he smashed was a dud. At Malolo, Stephanie considered working with Jacob to blindside Michael, but Jacob spilled the beans about the legacy advantage to Stephanie. At Tribal Council, Libby and Michael voted against James in case Jacob did indeed have a real idol, but ultimately, the tribe stuck to the original plan, sending Jacob out of the game.

529 2 "Only Time Will Tell" Recap 1.7/7[5] March 7, 2018 (2018-03-07) 8.23[5] 14[6]

The morning after Jacob's elimination, Jeff announced a tribe swap. The new Malolo tribe consisted of Bradley, Brendan, Chelsea, Desiree, Jenna, Kellyn, Michael, Sebastian, and Stephanie. The new Naviti tribe consisted of Angela, Chris, Domenick, Donathan, James, Laurel, Libby, Morgan, and Wendell. At the new Naviti tribe, Chris tried to rally votes against Domenick, but his attitude set Angela and Libby off. Morgan was suspicious of Chris, and she and Libby aligned. At the new Malolo tribe, Bradley's complaining over Malolo's shelter got on some people's nerves, while Michael and Brendan found one of James's idols from China.

  • Reward/Immunity Challenge: Castaways will need to jump between three sets of raised ramps to a sand pit, where they will need to dig out a heavy ladder. Using the ladder, one tribe member will need to retrieve a monkey’s fist on top of a tripod, which they will use to climb the first ramp of the tower. The tribe will then need to hoist each other to the top of a second ramp, where two members will need to solve a tiki head puzzle to win immunity and a tarp.

Malolo won the challenge; after they couldn't decide who from Naviti to send to Ghost Island, the Naviti members drew rocks to determine who would go. Chris drew the odd-colored rock, foiling Domenick's plan to blindside him. On Ghost Island, the urn Chris smashed was empty, and he opened up about his mother's struggle with multiple sclerosis. At the Naviti camp, Angela wanted to stay strong with her old tribe members and vote out Libby, but Wendell saw Angela as Chris's "right-hand man", and started to rally votes against her. Meanwhile, Domenick showed his fake idol to the former Malolo members to build trust with them, but James didn't believe him and, seeing an opportunity to control the vote as Naviti was set to turn on Angela, pitched an idea to the other former Malolo members to vote out Morgan, which Libby objected to. However, at Tribal Council, Libby reluctantly sided with the majority, sending a shocked Morgan out of the game. Before her exit, Morgan willed the legacy advantage to Domenick.

530 3 "Trust Your Gut" TBA 1.7/7[7] March 14, 2018 (2018-03-14) 8.39[7] TBA

While attempting to regroup after Morgan's blindside, Domenick told Wendell he found a real idol. The next morning, he found the legacy advantage willed to him by Morgan.

  • Reward Challenge: Two members of each tribe will start at their tribe flags on shore. Once told, they will need to make their way out into the water to get a ring. At least one castaway must be touching both the ring and their tribe's flagpole simultaneously to score a point for their tribe. The first tribe to score three points wins a feast of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with ice cold milk.

Before the challenge, Jeff revealed that someone would visit Ghost Island and return before the immunity challenge, meaning they would also be vulnerable if their tribe were to visit Tribal Council. Naviti won the challenge and immediately chose to have Malolo draw rocks; Kellyn was sent to Ghost Island immediately after she explained that being separated was her worst Survivor fear. Although the urn she smashed allowed her to play the game of chance, she decided not to risk losing her vote. At the Naviti camp, Chris and Angela planned on aligning with the former Malolo members, but Donathan talked to Wendell about working together and Laurel talked to Domenick, who revealed his idol to her.

  • Immunity Challenge: Castaways will have to swim out to a bamboo cage, hop over and dive in the cage to release a door underwater. They will then need to take a chest in the cage ashore, and race it across a track. On the track, tribes will need to use a grappling hook to connect a missing piece of the track allowing them to get the chest to a perch. Using the balls in the chest, they will need to get all five of them on top of a narrow perch to win immunity.

Although Malolo had a huge lead through the chest-carrying stage, Naviti pulled off one of the largest comebacks in Survivor history and edged out Malolo during the ball-tossing stage to win immunity, largely thanks to Chris's efforts. Stephanie was put off by Bradley's arrogant attitude and was even more offended when Bradley flat-out told her there was no hope for her alliance. The Naviti 5 wanted to weaken the other alliance and debated between voting out Michael or Brendan. Michael revealed his idol to Stephanie and Jenna, which gave the alliance hope. At Tribal Council, Brendan declared Sebastian and Chelsea to be on the bottom of an alliance led by Bradley, and Michael encouraged them to flip after he pulled out his idol, falsely calling it a double immunity idol in an attempt to throw the opposing alliance off their game. Before the votes were read, Michael played his idol for Stephanie after saying he'd play it on himself and Brendan, but Brendan was the one who needed it, as the Naviti 5 held strong and sent him out of the game.

531 4 "A Diamond in the Rough"[8] TBA TBA March 21, 2018 (2018-03-21)[8] TBD TBA
532 5 "Fate is the Homie"[8] TBA TBA March 28, 2018 (2018-03-28)[8] TBD TBA

Voting history[edit]

Original tribes Swapped tribes
Episode # 1 2 3 4
Day # 3 6 9 12
Eliminated Gonzalez Jacob Morgan Brendan
Votes 8–1 5–2–1 4–3–1 5–4
Voter Vote
Angela Libby
Bradley Brendan
Chelsea Brendan
Chris Exiled[a]
Desiree Brendan
Domenick Angela
Donathan Gonzalez Exiled[a] Morgan
James Gonzalez Jacob Morgan
Jenna Gonzalez Jacob Bradley
Kellyn Brendan
Laurel Gonzalez Jacob Morgan
Libby Gonzalez James Morgan
Michael Gonzalez James Bradley
Sebastian Brendan
Stephanie Gonzalez Jacob Bradley
Wendell Angela
Brendan Gonzalez Jacob Bradley
Morgan Angela
Jacob Exiled[a] Michael
Gonzalez Donathan
  1. ^ a b c The player was sent to Ghost Island after their tribe lost the immunity challenge and was not allowed to participate in Tribal Council.


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