Survivor South Africa: Champions

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Survivor South Africa: Champions
Survivor SA Champions Logo.jpg
Presented by
No. of episodes 18
No. of days 27
No. of castaways 20
Location(s) South China Sea
Filming dates October 2013 – -
Original release January 19 – May 18, 2014
Preceded by Survivor South Africa: Maldives
Followed by Survivor South Africa Season 6

Survivor South Africa: Champions is the fifth season of the South African reality game show Survivor South Africa. The series was filmed in October 2013 and aired weekly between January and May 2014 on the M-Net. The season was filmed in the islands amidst the South China Sea. The season was hosted by Nico Panagio in his third season, the program consisted of 20 South African contestants being led by two of South Africa's sporting champions while competing for 27 days. The grand prize was R1 million.

The "champions" joining the 20 contestants were former Springbok rugby captain, Corné Krige and former Bafana Bafana player, Mark Fish. They will become tribe captains and compete in all the team challenges, involve themselves in tribal life, and take part in Tribal Council. However, they cannot vote or be voted for at Tribal Council. The champions will also compete for a separate prize of R500,000.00 decided by the South African public.

On Day 1, the 20 contestants faced a schoolyard pick by the champions which divided the group into two tribes, the Selatan tribe (led by Corné) and the Utara (led by Mark). On Day 12, the 14 remaining contestants participated in a quiz activity which led to a tribe swap. On Day 18, the 11 remaining contestants merged into the Juara tribe however they were not joined by the champions. The champions became the Salvation tribe, where each episode they competed for the Cup of Salvation and with it the power to negate a vote for a player of their choice at Tribal Council. The eight players voted out of the Juara tribe and nd the two champions formed the 10 member Tribal Council Jury and ultimately will decide who among the Final 3 would become the "Ultimate Survivor".

On May 18, in was revealed that Graham Jenneker was voted the "Ultimate Survivor" in a 5-3-2 jury vote over runner-up, Buhle Madlala, and second runner-up, Sivu Xabanisa. It was also announced that Corné Krige was the winning captain after 8 weeks of public voting between him and Mark Fish.


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Finish Total Votes
Ashleigh Bryant
22, Pinelands, WC
Selatan 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Marsha Wessels
40, Retreat, WC
Selatan 2nd Voted Out
Day 5
Killarney Jones
44, Benoni, GP
Utara 3rd Voted Out
Day 7
Zan Lang
24, East London, EC
Utara 4th Voted Out
Day 9
Shona Macdonald
24, Craigavon, GP
Selatan 5th Voted Out
Day 9
Phillip Dickson
32, Durban, KZN
Selatan 6th Voted Out
Day 11
Gena Alkana
29, Sea Point, WC
Selatan Utara 7th Voted Out
Day 13
Sonette Myburgh
40, Witpoortjie, GP
Utara Utara 8th Voted Out
Day 15
Stephen Walker
25, Johannesburg, GP
Utara Utara 9th Voted Out
Day 17
Marian de Vos
25, Lonehill, GP
Utara Utara Juara 10th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 19
Solly Mathiba
32, Kathu, NC
Utara Selatan 11th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 20
Moyra Makina
34, Claremont, WC
Selatan Selatan 12th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 21
Vel Bodiba
26, Mabopane, GP
Utara Selatan 13th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 21
Shane Hattingh
42, Bryanston, GP
Utara Utara 14th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 22
Altaaf Sheik
29, Durban, KZN
Selatan Selatan 15th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 24
Zavion Kotze
25, Johannesburg, GP
Selatan Selatan 16th Voted Out
7th Jury Member
Day 25
David de Wet
53, Roosevelt Park, GP
Selatan Utara 17th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 26
Sivu Xabanisa
23, Khayelitsha, WC
Utara Utara 2nd Runner-up 3
Buhle Madlala
35, Northcliff, GP
Utara Selatan Runner-up 0
Graham Jenneker
28, Bellville, WC
Selatan Selatan Ultimate survivor 6

Sporting Champions[edit]

Sporting Champion Purpose Tribe
Corné Krige
38, Cape Town
Former Springbok Rugby Captain
Tribe Captain Selatan Salvation
Mark Fish
39, Cape Town
Former Bafana Bafana Defender
Jimmy Tau
33, Kimberley
Retired Bafana Bafana Defender
Challenge Assistant Selatan
Makhaya Ntini
36, Midnigi
Retired Proteas Bowler
Jonty Rhodes
44, Pietermaritzburg
Retired Proteas Fielder
Carol Tshabalala
SuperSport Presenter
Derek Alberts
SuperSport Presenter

Season Summary[edit]

Challenge winners and eliminations by episode

^1 After the Reward challenge on Day 8, both tribes were sent to tribal council to vote someone out instead of an Immunity Challenge taking place.

^2 Day 12 saw the tribes take part in a quiz about their fellow castaways. The end result was a surprise Tribe Shuffle, where the captains could decide upon if they like their tribe's new arrangement or lead the other team, or negotiate for certain players in exchange for their own tribe's players. Therefore, there was no Reward Challenge or Duel.

^3 The Reward challenge on Day 14 resulted in a Draw, both tribes received the Reward.

^4 Combined reward and immunity challenge


Title Original air date
1 "Episode 1" January 19, 2014 (2014-01-19)

The twenty civilian castaways were marooned on a raft off an island in the South China Sea. The castaways get pulled onto a boat with supplies for introductions with Nico and he orders them to take the supplies onto their raft and reach the shore. After frantically searching through the boat, they made it across to the shore. Awaiting for them on the beach was their team captains, Corné Krige and Mark Fish. The team captains selected tribes by school yard pick. Forming the tribes, Seletan (Krige) and Utara (Fish). Nico explained to the castaways that both Corné and Mark would partake in all challenges and tribal councils, however, they won't be able to vote until the very end for the winner, alongside the Jury.

  • Captains' Duels: The tribe captains squared off in a series of three challenges on the beach to earn supplies for their tribe. The first round was a beach run for the contents of a treasure chest the castaways managed to take off the boat. The second round were a three part reverse tug-o-war between the tribe captains, the third part of the round the captains were allowed to substitute themselves for one of their tribemates, they were playing for bags of rice. The third round was a tradition tower moving puzzle, the tribemates were allowed to verbally help their tribe captain. The final prize was first pick of three sets of items from the boat loot.

When Selatan arrived on their beach, Corné took his tribe aside to not give up, after only winning the tribe all 6 bags of rice in the morning's challenges against Mark. While building camp, Zavion on a high from winning some rice in the reward challenge over Solly from Utara, began to follow Corné and dictate how Selatan's camp should be erected to the irritation of some of his tribemates. Phillip, David and Gena, in particular, were annoyed at Zavion's alpha male attitude. However they each recognized his strength was useful in the pre-merge game. Over on Utara, Zan was also ruffling feathers with his take charge demeanour around camp, but Mark tried to establish a positive tribe dynamic for the sake of future tribe challenge wins. The first day ends with both tribes huddled under their shelters as a tropical storm hits them. Using this time to bond and set aside their differences for the time being.

  • Immunity Challenge: Both tribes would race out into the water and swim around the back of a ship wreck. They would then dive down and collect a rope net. Using a rope ladder, the tribes would climb up on to the deck and use the net to wrap it around their chest. Once the chest was in the net, the tribes would toss the chest into the water and swim to the ship mast. Once the tribe reached the mast, the Champions would climb up a rope ladder and retrieve a key. Once back down, the tribes would swim to shore and place the chest on their platform. Using the key they would unlock the chest to retrieve a grappling hook. They would use the hook to pull a ring which would raise the tribe flag. The first tribe to finish wins immunity.
2 "Episode 2" January 26, 2014 (2014-01-26)

After the first immunity challenge, Utara celebrated with Mark highlighting Solly's efforts in the challenge. While Corné advised Selatan to not give up and vote for the weakest tribe member at the first Tribal Council. Zavion pushed for the tribe to vote off David or Shona, as the two weakest members of the tribe, Philip, Marsha and Ashleigh were roped in to form a inner circle alliance. However, when Marsha tried to recruit Moyra and Graham, she began to lie about placements in the alliance. Graham started approaching the rest of Selatan to form a counter alliance with Altaaf, Gena, David, Shona and Moyra. Amongst the scrambling, Philip managed to find sugar cane on the Selatan beach, and stored it away from the rest of the camp. Only sharing with Moyra as she stumbled upon Philip and he wanted to curry favour with Moyra. Over at Utara, Killarney headed the construction of the tribe's shelter as a means to put herself in a good light, while the men of Utara struggled to make fire. Philip, Corné and Zavion managed to get fire for Selatan into the evening of Day 2. Towards the end of the evening, Ashleigh felt that she needed to step away from Zavion's alliance, unaware that the counter alliance were targetting her.

  • Reward Challenge: The tribe captains privately had to pick two tribe members that they felt would be the first voted out at their respective tribal councils. With one castaway as an unaware advisor. The two castaways have to pull a large chain from the beach that leads to a fire starting kit. Once they have uncovered the fire kit, they have to build a fire with it to light a torch. The first tribe to light a fire circle with their lit torch wins, a fire starting kit for their tribe. Both pairs received a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol at their respective camps.

Buhle and Sonette, from Utara felt betrayed by Mark's choice of sending them to the reward challenge. Vowing to forge a duo between the two of them, especially after winning the fire starting kit for the tribe. David and Shona, also agreed to stick with each other, as Shona was the only person on Selatan that could tolerate David. Explaining to Nico at the challenge that they were expecting to be one of the first to be voted off the island. After their loss in the challenge, Shona and David devised a plan to find the Immunity Idol when they returned to camp by distracting the tribe with Shona crying on the beach, and David searching for the Idol. They succeeded and decided to keep the Idol for themselves, without letting any of the major alliances know that they possess it.

Tribal Council arrived at the end of Day 3, with the counter alliance gathering enough traction to uproot Zavion's group and voted off Ashleigh. To the utmost surprise of Corné and Zavion.

3 "Episode 3" February 2, 2014 (2014-02-02)

Returning from tribal council, Zavion lashed out at the rest of the tribe for voting out his closest ally, Ashleigh. Moyra and Gena explained that his and Marsha's gameplay forced a "Rugrats Alliance" to form to counter his own. Corné was left stunned at what happened, and expressed that he had much to learn about the social game of Survivor and how to balance that with trying to get Selatan to the end. Over at Utara, Shane and Stephen managed to catch and kill a small shark, to the anger of Zan, being a conservationalist. Zavion and Marsha decided to stay together while being at the bottom of the Selatan tribe.

  • Reward Challenge: The two tribes had to split into three groups of three. The first three swam out to platforms off the beach with a rope attached to a giant wench that the second three managed. At the platform, there are three boxes full of puzzle pieces that have to be pulled to shore by the wench team. Once all three boxes have landed at the beach, the boxes get opened for the puzzle team. The puzzle three have to arrange a portrait puzzle of Ching Shih and hang them to a structure also linked to the wench. The first tribe to raise their puzzle in the correct order and gathered back at the wench wins a complete set of fishing gear.

Sonette expressed frustration at Mark and the rest of Utara for their first defeat, because of her strength in puzzles could have won the tribe the reward challenge. Mark apologized to the tribe about not sorting out the decision of who gets to sit out properly before the challenge. Sivu gathered that there should be an Hidden Immunity Idol hidden around the camp akin to his favourite player, Russell Hantz. He found it hidden in a tree, however left it there. Alliance mate, Shane followed afterwards and took it, before Sonette and Buhle started looking for it and coming to the conclusion that someone might have found it. Shane used the Hidden Immunity Idol to secure his true alliance with Marion, and consolidated an alliance with Sivu and Stephen without them knowing about his Idol.

  • Captains' Duel: The tribe captains had to dig into the sand for a machete. They must use this machete to cut down five ropes to release their tribe's ball down a chute. The first ball to fall down the chute and land in Jimmy Tau's hands wins Jimmy Tau's service in the Immunity Challenge.
  • Immunity Challenge: The tribe must select three tribe members to act as defenders on two balancing structures above the water. The rest of the tribe and captains have to shoot soccer balls from the shipwreck deck to the goal out in the water. Out of three rounds, each team has 10 opportunities to score goals. If a defender falls off their structure, they have to get back up again. The tribe with the most goals by the end of the three rounds, wins immunity.

Utara continued their domination at challenges with Buhle and Solly scoring a goal each for their tribe, over a goal from Jimmy Tau for Selatan. With a solid defense by Stephen, Zan and Shane for Utara, and Marsha from Selatan. Mark and Utara celebrated Buhle's effort after the Immunity challenge. While Selatan started to scramble to decide who from Zavion's alliance to vote out next. Corné again openly stepped aside from the tribe's politics to let themselves decide. Altaaf informed Gena and Moyra that Marsha started lying to members of the Rugrats alliance about the young girls aiming to vote out the older people in the tribe. Moyra brought up the chance that someone has an Immunity Idol to use, while David and Shona remained silent to their possession of the Idol from their alliance. Zavion, knowing his alliance was doomed, decided to offer Marsha and Philip as a means to let the Rugrats flush out any possible Idol. His planning succeeded with a stunned Philip receiving 4 votes and Marsha sent packing for her negative scrambling.

4 "Episode 4" February 9, 2014 (2014-02-09)

After what came across as a surprise split vote for Philip the night before, he vowed to do whatever he could to improve his position in the Selatan tribe. His main focus being to prove his own worth around camp in comparison to David, the tribe's outcast. On the Utara beach, Zan and Killarney complained about the lack of work ethic around camp and brought the issue to Mark. The tribe continued expressing their frustrations about Zan as he caught and released a water monitor stating to his tribe to not kill land creatures he found for food. While Shane and Marian started to notice Killarney's social presence in their tribe, especially as she was not part of their alliance.

  • Reward Challenge: Three pairs from the tribe have to carry a coconut each while balancing it on two poles through an obstacle course. Firstly under a beam, then traversing over a rope maze and following, an uneven balance beam. Before dropping it off to their tribemates on a trough. If the coconut falls, they have to restart the obstacle they were on. No touching allowed unless placing the coconut on the poles in the beginning, if the coconut has fallen and once finishing the last obstacle. The last three tribemates have to take those three coconuts and attach them to chained swings. Using the coconut swings one at a time to knock down 7 varying raised pots away from the platform. The first tribe to knock all 7 pots wins blankets, pillows, hammocks and other bedding items.

After their second Reward Challenge loss, Utara fell into an argument between Mark and Sivu about Mark's leadership in deciding who in the tribe does what in the challenge. The argument became explosive and left Sivu walking away in tears with Killarney and the others trying to explain to Mark about the situation better. However, as Sivu walked away from the beach to gather his thoughts, he delivered tree mail stating that the tribes would have an Immunity challenge the same day.

  • Immunity Challenge: With their tribe captains locked up in a bamboo cage, the tribe have to pull a mast from the shore using loose chain links. The mast has a tangled set of ropes which hold the key to release a torch attached to the captain's cage. Once the tribe has placed the mast in its position and begin to unravel the rope, the tribe captain can start digging their way out. The tribe can only help dig out their tribe captain once the key has been released. The tribe captain then has to take the torch, light it in a fire by the shore and make it across to a giant man structure and set it on fire. The first tribe to set the Burning Man alight wins Immunity.

Utara were devastated by a unified Selatan and were sent packing to attend their first tribal council. In the night, Killarney started rallying as many people as she could to vote off Zan, as his negative attitude and general disregard for camp life had started to rub her the wrong way. Trying to rope in Buhle and Vel into the fold. However, Shane, Stephen and Marian saw the danger that Killarney was becoming to their alliance and while lying to Killarney that they were with her on voting Zan, but engineering her downfall instead of voting off the weakest member, Vel. Meanwhile, Buhle started to feel mistrust with Sonette after she wouldn't share the clue to the hidden Immunity Idol with Buhle. Ditching Killarney's efforts and rallied Vel and Solly into the fold. Sivu feeling split between his original alliance, which he didn't trust, and Buhle's outsider alliance, while Sonette and Stephen individually revealed to Zan of Killarney's politicking.

Selatan celebrated their first Immunity win and bonded in the camp, however the divide between David and the rest of Selatan was growing larger and larger. Shona and David argued in private about the fact that he wouldn't show her where he hid the Idol they shared. Instead of her revealing to the tribe about David possessing the Idol, they consolidated their alliance, with Shona's main priority was to make sure that David wouldn't flip at the merge if they were in the slight majority.

Tribal council arrived at the end of Day 7, with Mark telling Nico that he also stepped away from the politicking, stating that his main focus for now was to get Utara as far in the game as a tribe as possible. Sonette talked about a lack of trust in the tribe, present and that her vote was as she felt an initiation to the majority alliance, while Buhle revealed that she had lost trust with Sonette, to Sonette's utter shock. Killarney brought up bringing the tribe back together before entertaining any proper alliances, unaware that the majority will successfully blindside her, with Buhle's outsiders targetting Sonette and Killarney voting for Zan. 6-3-1

5 "Episode 5" February 16, 2014 (2014-02-16)

After their first Tribal Council, Buhle came clean to the entire tribe about her falling out with Sonette involving the Hidden Immunity Idol. While in Selatan shared some sorely needed unity after avoiding Tribal Council for the first time.

  • Captains' Duel: The Captains select a tribe member to take part in the Duel. Turn by turn, the castaways have to throw coconuts over their heads and a tall bamboo curtain into a basket. The first tribe to get three coconuts into their basket wins the services of Makhaya Ntini for the Reward Challenge.
  • Reward Challenge: One tribe member have to throw coconuts at a tile holding a wooden ladder. When the ladder has been released, two at a time, the tribes must use the ladder to climb a wooden structure to push over one crate of coconuts each. The tribes must push over 6 crates. Lastly, the tribe must take turns to break 10 targets with their crate coconuts. The tribe that breaks all 10 targets first wins a chocolate cake and bags of spices, salt, garlic, sugar and peppers.

After the Reward challenge, Stephen confronted Sonette about the Hidden Immunity Idol, unaware that his own alliance already holds the Idol, signifying the alienation of Solly, Buhle and Vel from the rest of the tribe. Over in Utara, Zan confided with Buhle that he wanted to leave the island, however, Marian took it upon herself to hide some of Zan's shorts during the night to annoy him.

Day 9, both tribes received treemail indicating that they will both be going to Tribal Council that night. Zan immediately informed the tribe that he wished for the rest of the tribe to vote him out of the game. Frustrating Solly for his selfishness and Mark, as Zan was the tribe's main provider. Stephen suggested to Shane that their alliance disregard Zan's wishes and target Buhle instead, knowing that whatever the outcome, Zan will leave at some point. He made an attempt to make a plan to flush out an Idol if Buhle has an Idol, if she had it, Zan would leave anyway, if not Buhle would go, by informing Vel of his intentions. However at a tense Tribal Council, Zan retaliated from his pants being stole and stole the tribe's flint and handed it over to Buhle to keep in case they vote her out. Mark and the rest of the tribe expressed their disappointment with Zan and proceeded to vote him out unanimously 8 - 1.

Over at Selatan, the Rugrats alliance with Shona decided that David needed to leave the game or else he would continue to drag the tribe down in challenges. Shona suggested that they blindside David, with the motive that she would then be the only person in Selatan who would know where the Idol was hidden on the Island. Gena isolated David about the possibility of him possessing an Immunity Idol and he came clean to her that he did in fact have it. During this period, Shona claimed the Idol from David's hiding spot for herself. David's suspicions of the vote got the better of him and when he discovered the Idol was removed, he confronted Shona in front of the entire tribe about the Idol, revealing to everyone that she knew about it. Philip was elated about Shona's bluinder as it gave him a few more days on the Island. Selatan gave Corné the Immunity Idol for him to decide when it shall be used and kept out of the hands of the tribe. At Tribal Council, the Rugrats, Philip and Zavion all united to vote off Shona out of the breach of trust trying to vote David out to gain the Idol without their knowledge, 7 - 1.

6 "Episode 6" February 23, 2014 (2014-02-23)
7 "Episode 7" March 2, 2014 (2014-03-02)
8 "Episode 8" March 9, 2014 (2014-03-09)
9 "Episode 9" March 16, 2014 (2014-03-16)
10 "Episode 10" March 23, 2014 (2014-03-23)
Day 18 began with Utara wishing for the merge to arrive, after voting out Stephen left them down to 4 in comparison to Selatan's 7. Shane, Marian and Sivu hoped that they would be able to reign in the original Utara members back from Selatan To regain the numbers, and David in their pocket.
11 "Episode 11" March 30, 2014 (2014-03-30)
12 "Episode 12" April 6, 2014 (2014-04-06)
13 "Episode 13" April 13, 2014 (2014-04-13)
14 "Episode 14" April 20, 2014 (2014-04-20)
15 "Episode 15" April 27, 2014 (2014-04-27)
16 "Episode 16" May 4, 2014 (2014-05-04)
17 "Episode 17" May 11, 2014 (2014-05-11)
The Final 4 of Juara, Buhle, David, Graham and Sivu prepare for the final Immunity challenges and the last two days on the Island.
18 "Finale/Reunion" May 18, 2014 (2014-05-18)
The Season's reunion show, where the public's vote for the winning captain, Corné or Mark is announced, and the Jury and Captains' vote is revealed and the new South African Ultimate Survivor is announced.

Voting history[edit]

Tribal phase (Day 1–18)
Original Tribes Switched Tribes
Episode #: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Day #: 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17
Eliminated: Ashleigh Marsha Killarney Zan Shona Philip Gena Sonette Stephen
Votes 7-3 5-4 6-3-1 8-1 7-1 6-1 6-1 5-1 4-1
Voter Vote
Graham Ashleigh Marsha Shona Philip
Buhle Sonette Zan
Sivu Killarney Zan Gena Sonette Stephen
David Ashleigh Phillip Shona Philip Gena Sonette Stephen
Zavion Shona Phillip Shona Philip
Altaaf Ashleigh Marsha Shona Philip
Shane Killarney Zan Gena Sonette Stephen
Vel Sonette Zan
Moyra Ashleigh Phillip Shona Philip
Solly Sonette Zan
Marian Killarney Zan Gena Sonette Stephen
Stephen Killarney Zan Gena Sonette David
Sonette Killarney Zan Gena Sivu
Gena Ashleigh Marsha Shona Philip Marian
Phillip Ashleigh Marsha Shona Moyra
Shona Ashleigh Marsha David
Zan Killarney Solly
Killarney Zan
Marsha Shona Phillip
Ashleigh Shona
Individual phase (Day 18–27)

^5 Shane using the Hidden Immunity Idol created a tie. Per the rules, a second vote was held where the castaways involved in the tie would not vote and the remaining castaways could only vote for those who tied.

^6 Graham and Marian were not eligible to vote in the second Tribal Council Vote. Salvation Cup does not affect tie votes.

^7 Corné used the Salvation Cup on Solly. He was correct, therefore negated one vote against Solly.

^8 Mark used the Salvation Cup on Moyra. He was correct, therefore negated one vote against Moyra.

^9 Because the second tribal council vote of that evening happened immediately after the first, there was no Salvation Cup competition.

^10 Mark used the Salvation Cup on Zavion. He was correct, therefore negated one vote against Zavion.

^11 Sivu auccessfully used the Hidden Immunity Idol against 3 votes to his name.

^12 The Tribal Council Vote resulted in a tie. At the Final 4 stage, the castaways involved in the tie would compete in a Fire tiebreaker challenge. The first castaway to successfully complete the challenge would move on to the Final 3.

^13 There was no second vote at Tribal Council, Sivu beat David at the Fire-building tiebreaker challenge.

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