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Suryanath Upendra Kamath
Born(1937-04-26)26 April 1937
Died21 October 2015(2015-10-21) (aged 78)
Known forBooks on History of Karnataka, Chief Editor of Karnataka State Gazetteer

Suryanath Upendra Kamath (26 April 1937 – 21 October 2015) was an Indian historian who served as the Chief Editor of the Karnataka State Gazetteer from 1981 to 1995.

Early life[edit]

Kamath was born in a Konkani-speaking family on 26 April 1937. After studying history and economics[citation needed] at Dharwad University, Kamath joined the Bangalore University as a lecturer and reader in history in 1968.[1]

During his graduation in Dharwad University, Kamath came under the influence of historian B. A. Saletore who had written a comprehensive two-volume book on social and political life in the Vijayanagar Empire.[citation needed]


Kamath served as lecturer and reader in history at the Bangalore University from 1968 to 1981.[1] In 1981, he was appointed director of the Karnataka State Archives.[1] He served as director of the Karnataka State Archives from 1981 to 1983 and was the Chief Editor of the Karnataka State Gazetteer from 1981 to 1995.[1] He also edited the Karnataka District Gazetteers and since 1977, has been the editor of the Quarterly Journal of the Mythic Society.[1] He founded the Karnataka Ithihasa Academy along with G. S. Dikshith in 1985. He was also the director of the Raja Ram Mohan Roy Public Library in Calcutta.[citation needed] Kamath edited the quarterly journal of the Indian Mythic Society from 1977 to his death.[1] He was also a member of the Karnataka Gazetteer Advisory Committee.[2]


Kamath's methodology was Indian nationalist.[citation needed] He has authored many books on the Indian independence movement.[citation needed] He denied the existence of an Aryan race and considered the Indus Valley Civilization to be simply an offshoot of Vedic civilization.[3] Kamath was also a supporter of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).[citation needed]


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