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Susan S. Bernecker (born March 26, 1955) is a former Republican candidate for the Jefferson Parish City Council in suburban New Orleans. She was defeated 33% to 58% by Nick Giambelluca, nephew of the Jefferson Parish election supervisor, Tony Giambelluca.

"The night of the election the numbers came in for everybody but me for an hour and a half. When my numbers didn’t come in everyone in my party went wild".

— Susan Bernecker

After her loss and under the protection of state law to inspect the voting machines, Bernecker went to the warehouse where the Sequoia Pacific computers had been taken. There a producer videotaped Bernecker as she pressed the button next to her name on the ballot which registered the name of her opponent on a LED screen. Bernecker checked twelve machines and her name appeared displayed only a third of the time.[1]

Bernecker was a participant in the Hursti Hack held in Tallahassee, Florida, and featured in Hacking Democracy, an HBO documentary on the errors of the Diebold Election Systems Accu-Vote OS 1.94w (optical scan) voting machine.[2]