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For the activist, see Susan G. Cole.
Susan Cole
Susan Cole.JPG
Neighbours character
Portrayed by Gloria Ajenstat
Duration 1986–87
First appearance 11 August 1986
Last appearance 28 January 1987
Introduced by Reg Watson
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Secretary
Home Coff's Harbour

Susan Cole is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Gloria Ajenstat. She made her first on-screen appearance on 11 August 1986 and departed on 28 January 1987.


Susan was born and raised on her parents, Cappy and Merle's, farm near Coff's Harbour. Susan attended a private boarding school, but she was forced to leave when she was sixteen due to the recession. Susan then helped out around the farm, but her brother Kevin convinced her to set her sights beyond the farm. Susan takes a business course and she gets a job in Fred (Nick Waters) and Madge Mitchell's (Anne Charleston) hardware shop. Susan falls in love with Fred and they begin an affair. Madge catches them and leaves Fred. Susan and Fred's relationship becomes strained after Susan discovers she is pregnant. She gives birth to a baby boy, Frederick Samuel. Fred does not want the responsibility of another child and end his relationship with Susan.

Susan goes to Erinsborough to see Fred's daughter, Charlene (Kylie Minogue), who she is quite close to. Susan gets an infection and has to be hospitalised, she calls Charlene for help. Charlene takes Sam home with her and lies to Madge that he is her son. Madge eventually accepts Sam as her grandson, but she is shocked when Susan arrives in Ramsay Street for him. An argument breaks out and Susan collapses in Madge's living room. Madge agrees to let her stay the night, but after learning that Fred had left Susan and Sam, she lets them stay with her until Susan recovers from her illness.

Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine) offers Susan a room at his house and she accepts, she also gets a job as Paul Robinson's (Stefan Dennis) secretary. Susan and Paul begin an affair, which upsets Clive as he had fallen in love with Susan. Susan agrees to pose as Clive's wife when his uncle comes to stay, so Clive can appear as a happily married man. The plan fails when Clive's uncle sees Susan kissing Paul. After Paul and Susan's relationship ends, she realises that Clive loves her and she starts dating him. When she is out walking Sam one day, Clive proposes to a shocked Susan. Susan agrees to marry him, but she lets go of Sam's pram to take the ring and it rolls down the street and into the path of the traffic. Paul, Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan) and Mike Young (Guy Pearce) have to swerve their car to avoid hitting Sam, who is recovered by Susan.

Susan realises that she does not love Clive and that she is only marrying him for security. She decides to leave him before they marry and leaves Clive a note apologising for leaving. Susan gets in touch with Charlene to ask her to get Sam's favourite teddy, which she had left behind. Clive catches Charlene and begs her to let him know where Susan is. Charlene arranges a meeting between him and Susan, and Susan apologises for leaving him. She then flies home to Coff's Harbour.


The BBC said most notable moment was "Chasing her son's pram down a hill just as it went into the path of Paul Robinson's car – causing it to crash."[1]


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