Susan Ioannou

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Susan Ioannou
Born 1944
Occupation Author
Alma mater University of Toronto
Genre Poetry, Fiction, Literary Nonfiction, Children's Literature

Susan Ioannou (born 1944) is a Canadian poet who lives in Toronto, Ontario.


Ioannou was born in Toronto. As a young child, she wrote fiction, but by her teen years, she wrote more poetry than fiction.[1] In 1966 she received her bachelor's degree and a year later, her master's degree from the University of Toronto.[2]

Ioannou taught English at Bloor Collegiate Institute, for six years during the 1970s.[2] In 1973, she was the Vice-President of the Ontario Council of Teachers of English.[2]

From 1980 to 1989, she served as Associate Editor of Cross-Canada Writers' Quarterly/Magazine, and into the 1990s, led poetry workshops for the Toronto Board of Education, Ryerson University, and University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. In 1985, she founded the writers' resource Wordwrights Canada, and in 1988, created its poetry course, now the online Lessons in Writing the Poem.

Her poetry has inspired music by contemporary composers, Norwegian Gjermund Andreassen and Canadian Leslie Uyeda.[1]


Ioannou describes her process of writing poetry as "meditative" and that she draws from "details of everyday life."[2]

Her poetry has been favorably reviewed by Mark Cochrane who describes her collection, Clarity between Clouds as a reboot of the "quest for clarity and solidity in a blurry and crumbling posthumanist epoch."[3]

Ioannou's book of poems about minerals and rocks, Looking Through Stone: Poems About the Earth was distributed in Ontario schools as part of a specialist curriculum.[4] Her interest in writing about geology grew when her son was completing his PhD work.[5] Ioannou relates that she spent ten years learning and reading about geology and whenever something interested her, she tried to create a poem based on that idea.[2]



  • Motherpoems - 1985, 2016 eBook
  • Familiar Faces/Private Grief - 1986, 2016 eBook
  • Clarity Between Clouds: Poems of Midlife - 1991, 2016 eBook
  • Where the Light Waits - 1996
  • Read-Aloud Poems - 2001, 2011 PDF
  • Coming Home: An Old Love Story - 2004, 2011 PDF
  • Who Would Be a God? (with Lenny Everson) - 2004
  • Balkan Poems - 2005 PDF
  • O Canada - 2005 (PDF)
  • The Merla Poems - 2006, 2011 PDF
  • Catalysts & Catastrophes: Feline Poems - 2007 PDF
  • Looking Through Stone: Poems about the Earth - 2007, 2010 eBook
  • Selected Poems 2011 - 2016 eBook
  • Looking for Light - 2016


  • A Magical Clockwork: The Art of Writing the Poem - 2000
  • Holding True: Essays on Being a Writer - 2008, 2010 eBook
  • Writing Reader-Friendly Poems Plus Writing Exercises - 2011 eBook

Children's literature[edit]

  • The Hidden Valley Mystery - 2010 eBook
  • A Real Farm Girl - 1998, 2010 eBook
  • Polly's Punctuation Primer - 1994, 2010 PDF


  • Nine to Ninety: Stories across the generations - 2009, 2010 eBook


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