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Susan McLean is an American poet, a translator of poetry,[1] and a professor of English at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minnesota.[2]

She graduated from Harvard University with a BA in English in 1975 and from Rutgers University with a PhD in 1990.[3][4] Her work has appeared in Kalliope,[5] Atlanta Review, The Formalist,[6] Iambs and Trochees, Arion,[7] Measure, The Classical Outlook, Literary Imagination.[8] She writes in the field of formalism. According to an interview with the Poetry Foundation, she describes her love of formalism as: " I am addicted to the esoteric pleasures of rhyme and meter, and I don’t even try to deny it or camouflage it with slant rhyme". She has been portrayed as a New Formalist by many if not most noted critics of her work.[9]





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