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Susan Montford is a Scottish film director, screenwriter, and producer. She is related to the Scottish football commentator Arthur Montford.[1]

A film fan as a child, she studied at the Glasgow School of Art where she made short films including Hairpin and Strangers. Her work was shown at the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival. She moved to Los Angeles to work on her first feature film, The Family Jam, a drama about the early days of the Charles Manson Family based on the book by Ed Sanders, but switched to producing rather than directing when funding dried up in 2001.[1]

Her first major hit was the 2007 film Shoot 'Em Up, on which she played a "really hands on [role] ... from the casting to the music, and it was a great feeling to have it come together."[citation needed] Following the success of that film she wrote and directed the thriller While She Was Out starring Kim Basinger and Lukas Haas which was released in December 2008.[1]

She is married to Don Murphy, the American producer of Natural Born Killers and the Transformers films.[2]


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