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Susan Nwokedi
November 11, Nigeria
Other namesNzowki
OccupationFilmmaker, Writer, Actor, Entrepreneur, Educator

Susan Nwokedi is a Nigerian-American writer, producer, filmmaker, actor, and businessman. Nwokedi wrote and produced Mind of the Enemy, which received an award nomination for Best Original Soundtrack at the Brownwood & African Film Critics' Awards in 2013.

Early life[edit]

Nwokedi was born in Nigeria and moved to Houston, Texas as a small child. When Nwokedi was in high school, she had her first taste of the film industry when she worked in several Hollywood films. After learning first-hand what it took to be in the film industry, Nwokedi went on to produce and direct several films.[1] Nwokedi also worked as a writer and educator.[2] After high school, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts at the University of Houston[3] and later earned a Master of Science Degree in Education in Media Design and Technology - Film from Full Sail University in Florida. She also obtained a second master's degree in Educational Leadership from the University of St. Thomas.


In 2008, Nwokedi created TopLine Production and Entertainment, Co., a full house production and entertainment company specializing in quality film and television production and media coverage. In the same year, Nwokedi played Teresa in the Nollywood film, Ricochet, that she also wrote and executive produced. In 2009, Nwokedi produced Blood N' Destiny, followed by Secret Past in 2011.

In 2012, Nwokedi's must-see film Mind of the Enemy Premiered in Nigeria and the U.S. The entire film was shot on location in Abuja, Nigeria and features some big names in the Nollywood industry.[4]

Nwokedi completed one of her film projects, 12 Noon, on location in West Africa and is set for international theatrical release in 2014. Nwokedi also plans to air the pilot episode of her original TV series, Single Wives’ Club, and a feature film As Long As I Am in 2017.

Personal Life and Other Projects[edit]

Besides being a filmmaker, Nwokedi is also an educator. She currently resides in the state of Texas, with her family.[5] Nwokedi completed an Education Leadership Program at the University of St. Thomas and served as an Administrative Intern at a Fort Bend ISD School. She holds a State of Texas Education Teacher Certification in Early Childhood Education and taught for approximately 11 years for Fort Bend Independent School District. In 2010, Nwokedi founded Children Come Click (CCC), an education, technology, and acting center. She believes in sharing her undeniable talent with all audience members, regardless of their demographic and location. Her advice for anyone interested in being in the film industry is to get out there and get involved in the filmmaking process because even if it doesn't pay, you will have learned what it takes to make a film.[6]

Awards, Nominations, and Recognition[edit]

  • September 2013- Nwokedi was nominated Best Original Soundtrack for Mind of the Enemy at the Nollywood & African Film Critics' Awards.
  • May 2013- Nwokedi was honored at Trendy Africa Magazine Mothers Appreciation Event for her community service and outstanding achievements in a chosen career.[7]
  • August 2015- Best actress in Mind of the Enemy at L.A.N.F.A.
  • August 2016- Best film Mind of the Enemy at L.A.N.F.A


Title Year Role Director(s)
Mind of the Enemy 2012 Angela Anadu Joseph Van Vicker
12 Noon Post-production Ngozi Ego Susan Nwokedi, Tola Balogun
Single Wives Club 2017 Jody Susan Nwokedi
As Long As I Am 2017 Lucy Susan Nwokedi
Secret Past 2013 Yvonne A.B. Sallu
A Hopeful Journey 2017 Elise Prince McNoun
The Brat 2014 Nneka Dytmi Ibe
Exit In production Isabella Lupe Nunez
Tears on my Pillow 2017 Linda Isola Balogun
Resentment 2011 Abused Wife Mike Ugada
African Connection 2012 Dr. Khan A.B. Sallu
Pound of Flesh 2014 Dr. Riley Don Okolo
Ricochet 2008 Teresa Don Okolo
Blood n' Destiny 2009 Producer (did not act) Don Okolo
Alice in America Post-production Grieved Widow Chinny Chukwu
The Land 2010 Producer (did not act) Don Okolo
Royal Dilemma 2010 Dalia Stanley Acholonu
Dirty Pastor 2013 Angela A.B. Sallu
The Other Side 2014 Detective May Ike Nnaebue
Another Leaf 2014 Nneka Ike Nnaebue
Jason's Lyric 1994 Featured Doug McHenry
Return of Exile 2001 Nina Don Okolo
Sidekickes 1994 Featured Chuck Norris
Lads in the City 2015 Laura Macolm Benson
TopLine Presents (Talk Show) 2010–present Host Susan Nwokedi
Street Talk (TV Show) 2009 Host Susan Nwokedi, Chris Ulasi
My Drug Brother 2007 Jennifer Stanley Acholonu
Blindfolded 2014 Star TV Anchor Ikechukwu Oyeka


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