Susan P. Holmes

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Susan Holmes
Susan Holmes at Basel Computational Biology Conference 2019.jpg
Holmes in 2019
Alma materUniversité Montpellier II
Scientific career
InstitutionsINRA, Montpellier
Harvard University
Cornell University
Stanford University
ThesisComputer-Intensive Methods for the Evaluation of Results after an Exploratory Analysis (1985)
Doctoral advisorYves Escoufier

Susan P. Holmes is a statistician and professor at Stanford University. She is noted for her work in applying nonparametric multivariate statistics, bootstrapping methods, and data visualization to biology.[1][2] She received her PhD in 1985 from Université Montpellier II. She served as a tenured research scientist at INRA for ten years.[3] She then taught at MIT and Harvard and was an associate professor of biometry at Cornell before moving to Stanford in 1998.[1] She is married to fellow Stanford professor Persi Diaconis.[4]

She is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.[5]


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