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Susan R. Matthews (born July 1952)[1] is an American science fiction writer.

Matthews was born in Fort Benning, Georgia.[1] She lives in Seattle. She served in the US Army as operations and security officer of a Combat Support Hospital, later worked as an auditor for Boeing and graduated from Seattle University with an MBA in accounting.[2]

Her debut novel, An Exchange of Hostages, was published by Avon Books in 1997.[1] It was nominated for the 1997 Philip K. Dick Award and for the 1998 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer; it also obtained fourth place in the poll for the 1998 Locus Award for Best First Novel. Like its sequels, An Exchange of Hostages is set in a dystopic space opera future ruled by an autocratic judiciary. The novel and most of its sequels follow Andrei Koscuisko, a state torturer, and are primarily concerned with his reactions to the violence he is called on to commit. The seven-book Under Jurisdiction series concluded in 2017 with Blood Enemies.[3]


Under Jurisdiction series
  1. An Exchange of Hostages (1997), ISBN 0-380-78913-2 (number 1 in series chronology)
  2. Prisoner of Conscience (1998), ISBN 0-380-78914-0 (number 2 in series chronology)
  3. Hour of Judgment (1999), ISBN 0-380-80314-3 (number 4 in series chronology)
  4. Angel of Destruction (2001), ISBN 0-451-45849-4 (number 3 in series chronology)
  5. The Devil and Deep Space (2002), ISBN 0-451-45901-6 (number 5 in series chronology)
  6. Warring States (2006), ISBN 1-59222-094-0 (number 6 in series chronology)
  7. Blood Enemies (2017), ISBN 1-476782164 (number 7 in series chronology)
  8. Fleet Insurgent (2017), ISBN 978-1481482868 (collection of novellas, novelettes, and short stories)
Under Jurisdiction Baen Omnibus series
  1. Fleet Inquisitor (2016), ISBN 978-1-4767-8194-5
    1. An Exchange of Hostages (number 1 in series chronology)
    2. Prisoner of Conscience (number 2 in series chronology)
    3. Angel of Destruction (number 3 in series chronology)
  2. Fleet Renegade (2017), ISBN 978-1-4767-8209-6
    1. Hour of Judgment (number 4 in series chronology)
    2. The Devil and Deep Space (number 5 in series chronology)
    3. Warring States (number 6 in series chronology)
Other novels


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