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Susan Rook is a journalist and photographer best known for her years as a CNN anchor first co-anchoring "Newsnight" with Patrick Emory and later PrimeNews and "Evening News" (later renamed to World News), co-anchoring with Bernard Shaw and later hosting the topical daily talk show TalkBack Live.[1] Rook was one of the three panelists, along with Helen Thomas and Gene Gibbons, in the 3rd 1992 United States presidential election debate with then president George H.W. Bush and future president Bill Clinton.[2] She was also a newscaster in New Orleans and Miami before coming to CNN, and is currently an event photographer. She is a graduate of George Mason University.

Rook is a recovering alcoholic.[3]

In 2000, Rook traveled to Nepal and climbed to the base camp of Mt. Everest.


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