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Susanna Bokoyni (April 24, 1879 – August 24, 1984), also known as "Princess Susanna," was a Hungarian centenarian and circus performer who was listed in Guinness World Records as the longest-lived dwarf on record.[1]

Early life and career[edit]

Bokoyni was born in Hungary on April 24, 1879. Doctors told her family that she would not live past age seven. At age 16, she became a dancer in the Orpheum Theater in Budapest. She later toured with Rose's Parisian Midget Follies and Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show where she performed a tight rope act.[2]

During her 67-year career she performed in Germany, France, Italy, Cuba, England, and The United States and learned to speak at least three languages.[citation needed]

Later life and death[edit]

In 1972, Bokoyni moved to Newton, New Jersey and settled at the Merriam House Retirement Home. On August 24, 1984, she died at Newton Memorial Hospital and is buried at Glenwood Cemetery in Vernon, New Jersey, aged 105.

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