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Susanna Kubelka von Hermanitz is a German-speaking writer living in France.

She was born in September 1942 in Linz (Austria). Having left high school she briefly worked as primary school teacher before graduating in English literature. In 1977 she took a PhD with a thesis on the way women were represented in the 18th-century English novel.[1] Later she worked as a journalist for the Vienna newspaper Die Presse. She lived and worked in Australia and in England for four years. She is divorced and since 1981 she has permanently settled down in Paris (France). She claims to favour a vegetarian life style.

Her first book Over Forty at Last was published in 1980. Her most successful novel is Ophelia Learns to Swim of 1987. Her most extensive novel Das gesprengte Mieder (The Broken Girdle; not translated yet) came out in 2000.

Her books have been translated in 29 languages and are published in Germany by Verlagsgruppe Lübbe, in France by Editions Belfond (none in print) and in the United States by MacMillan Publishing Company.

Susanna Kubelka is the sister of the Austrian experimental film maker Peter Kubelka.


  • Endlich über vierzig. Der reifen Frau gehört die Welt (1980)
  • Ich fang nochmal an. Glück und Erfolg in der zweiten Karriere (1981)
  • Burg vorhanden, Prinz gesucht. Ein heiterer Roman (1983)
  • Ophelia lernt schwimmen. Der Roman einer jungen Frau über vierzig (1987)
  • Mein Wien (1990)
  • Madame kommt heute später (1993)
  • Das gesprengte Mieder (2000)
  • Der zweite Frühling der Mimi Tulipan (2005)

English translations:

  • Over Forty at Last: How to Ignore the "Middle Life" Crisis and Make the Most Out of the Best Years of Your Life, Macmillan (1982) ISBN 0-02-567150-2


  • Kubelka, Susanna (1942-): An article from: Contemporary Authors, Thomson Gale (2007)


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