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Susannah Gunning, née Minifie (c. 1740 – 28 August 1800 London) was a British novelist.[1]

She was daughter of Reverend Dr. James Minifie. Her sister was Margaret Minifie. On 8 August 1768, she married Captain John Gunning of the 65th Regiment of Foot, who distinguished himself at the Battle of Bunker Hill; they had a daughter Elizabeth Gunning, who was a novelist.[2]

She wrote epistolary novels.[3]


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  • Coombe wood. 1783.
  • Anecdotes of the Delborough Family: a Novel, 2nd ed; London: Lane, 1792
  • Memoirs of Mary: a Novel, 3rd ed; London: Bell, 1794
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  • Love at First Sight: a Novel, London: Lowndes, 1797


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