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Susan Dodillet (born 1977) is a Swedish feminist, historian and researcher at the University of Göteborg.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Dodillet was born in Böblingen, and has been living in Sweden since 2001.[2] Dodillet earned a master's degree in cultural education from the University of Hildesheim in Germany (2001) and a PhD in the history of ideas from the University of Gothenburg in 2009.

Her doctoral thesis Är sex arbete? (Is sex work?)[3] compared the Swedish and German policy process with respect to prostitution. In her dissertation she argued for rights for sex workers, including pension rights. Her thesis was considered very controversial.[4][5][6]


Dodillet is on staff at the Institute for Education and Special Education at the University of Gothenburg.[2]



  • Är sex arbete?: svensk och tysk prostitutionspolitik sedan 1970-talet. Vertigo akademika Stockholm 2009. ISBN 978-91-85000-59-3


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