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Susceptibility may refer to:

Physics and engineering


In physics the susceptibility is a quantification for the change of an extensive property under variation of an intensive property. The word may refer to:

Health and medicine

  • In epidemiology, a susceptible individual is a member of a population who is at risk of becoming infected by a disease
  • In microbiology, pharmacology, and medicine drug susceptibility is the ability of a microorganism to be inhibited or killed by the drug, as in antibiotic susceptibility, the susceptibility of microorganisms to antibiotics (often used synonymously with the lay term sensitivity)

Botany and environmental science

  • Susceptibility to pathogens is the extent to which a plant, vegetation complex, or ecological community would suffer from a pathogen if exposed, without regard to the likelihood of exposure – the opposite of Plant disease resistance
    • It should not be confused with vulnerability, which by convention in this field takes into account both the effect of exposure and the likelihood of exposure

Military science


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