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Susedgrad, or earlier also only Sused, is a medieval fortress on the far-western hill of mount Medvednica, while also marking the far-western part of modern-day Zagreb, Croatia. First known records that mention Susedgrad date to 1316, and it had been used until the early 17th century when it was abandoned and left in ruins.

It gave name to modern neighbourhood Podsused, meaning literally "under Sused".

For a while in the late 20th century the name Susedgrad had been used for a city municipality that was dissolved in the 1999 municipal reform and has subsequently been transformed into Podsused - Vrapče and Stenjevec city districts.[1]

Location and access[edit]

ZET bus line 123 from Črnomerec terminal is the closest transport to the ruins at the "(Aleja) Seljačke bune" stop. With a short walk (additional 5 min) from the center of Podsused, it can also be accessed by bus lines 116, 119, 122, 172, 176 and 177, and by suburban commuter trains directly from the city center.


Coordinates: 45°49.1′N 15°51.7′E / 45.8183°N 15.8617°E / 45.8183; 15.8617