Sushi pizza

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Sushi pizza
Sushi pizza.jpg
Sushi pizza
Course Main course
Place of origin Canada
Region or state Montreal, Toronto
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Fried rice patty, salmon, avocado
Variations Multiple
Food energy
(per serving)
312 per serving (151g) kcal
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Sushi pizza is a Canadian dish and variant of sushi and pizza often served in Central Canada, and, less commonly, the Northeastern United States. It uses a slightly crispy yet chewy fried rice patty as the base and is topped with a layer of sliced avocado, a layer of sliced salmon, tuna or crab meat, a drizzle of blended mayonnaise and wasabi powder and is served in wedges. Nori, pickled ginger and roe are sometimes also served as toppings or sides.[1]

The origins of sushi pizza are debatable but a Japanese sushi chef at Atami Sushi Restaurant in Montreal, Quebec, claimed in 1992 that she was the inventor of the dish.[2] Due to the popularity and wide availability of the dish in Toronto it has quickly become one of the city's signature dishes, along with the peameal bacon sandwich.[citation needed]

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