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Susie Au Suet-yee
Susie Au Work Photo.jpg
Born Hong Kong
Education State University of New York
Occupation Director, multi-installation artist, photographer, theatre director
Years active 1993–present

Susie Au Suet-yee (simplified Chinese: 区雪儿; traditional Chinese: 區雪兒), is an award-winning filmmaker and versatile based in Hong Kong. Her works include TV commercials, music videos, feature films, documentaries and multi-installations.

She is noted for her stunning visual styles. She innovates electrifying exotic imagery that has stormed the music video field and the karaoke pubs in the region. Her work in music videos has earned her comparisons with Western contemporaries; "Au is Hong Kong's answer to the likes of American director Spike Jonze (Being John Malkovich) and Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) from France."

Susie lives in Hong Kong, Beijing, Berlin, San Francisco. Besides making advertising films, music videos, she is writing films; feature and short. Still striving to work outside of the box; as creative director, photographer, installation artist and theatre director.

She states,

Wherever I am, I film with my movie camera.
Whenever I don't have the movie camera, I film with my still camera.
My indulgence is to create images that evoke and provoke.
To create dream and to recreate the reality.

Early life and education[edit]

Susie Au studied filmmaking at the State University of New York. She had directed short films in different genres during her stay in New York such as Among Fragments, Moon Chase, The Dream In New Orleans and etc. She returned to Hong Kong with her awarded short film, To Hide and Seek.


Music videos[edit]

She has directed over one hundred music videos and has been a longtime collaborator with Asian pop queen Faye Wong (王菲) and alternative pop singer Anthony Wong (黃耀明).[1] Other artists who have collaborated with Susie on more than one occasion include best album selling pop singers; Jacky Cheung (張學友), Eason Chan (陳奕迅), Andy Lau (劉德華), Joey Yung (容祖兒), Jeff Chang (張信哲), Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅), Grasshopper (草蜢), Mavis Fan (范曉萱), F4, Ellen Loo (盧凱彤), Tam Wai Wai (譚維維), Shirley Kwan (關淑怡), Ivana Wong (王苑之), Kary Ng (吳雨霏) and more.

Her works with Anthony Wong and Faye Wong won her gold awards from the Chicago International Film Festival. Faye Wong's Half Way (半途而廢) won the Best MTV Video Music Award. Mavis Fan's Why, Jeff Chang's True Love (用情) and Jacky Cheung's Web of Love (情網) were nominated for the Best Music Video of the year.

Susie is now taken as the region's MV guru, her visual style is noted for uniquely feminine, romantic yet innovative and electrifying. Also, most of the videos have become the region's karaoke classic; mass culture.


Susie founded Handmade Films to diversify her visual adventure in different forms. She started directing TV commercials; mostly all about contemporary women life style and fashion oriented. The innovative visuals and the immense femme emotion created brought attention to the advertising industry. Not only Susie is the rare found female director in the region, she is also the first Chinese director to direct Christian Dior's first launched-TVC in the China market. Susie is now one of the hottest advertising director for cosmetic and fashion in Mainland.

Driven by creativity and passion for what she does, Susie only works on projects that she gets inspired by. She can initiate anything beyond the box. Jokingly, she always takes herself as the spiritual revolutionary in the male-dominated world of filmmaking that makes her life experience difficult but enriching!

Susie states her ambition is to create and recreate, enjoys filming on the set and never gets bored in the editing suite. Among all other projects, she inspired the music industry to create various music projects; Susie is the pioneer for music documentary, collaborating with artists to create innovative visuals for concerts and experimental films.

In 2005, Susie made a 45-min musical film Moon Wall (牆前明月光); produced by, starring Karena Lam (林嘉欣) and Rebecca Pan (潘迪華). Written by GC Goo-Bi, music by Peter Kam (金培達). The film premiered at United Artist Cinema at Langham.

In 2007, Susie made her first feature debut Ming Ming, starring Zhou Xun (周迅), Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) and Tony Yang (楊祐寧). The film selected to be screened in Pusan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai International Film Festival, the film gets reviewed as "Run Lola Run meets new generation's wuxia… "; "Ming Ming's world, one which contains fantasy martial arts elements, the magical realism which set in today's contemporary era." Ming Ming was released in China, Hong Kong and Taipei simultaneously. The film marked an unusual independent film effort to create a China-Hong Kong-Taiwan alliance before the huge film market developed.

In 2008, Susie directed a 45-minute short titled Moving On, in which the scene of Eason Chan casually humming along the abandoned back in fact expanding on the director's continual themes on nostalgic and alienated emotion to Hong Kong.

In 2010, collaborating with pop legend Faye Wong, Susie created a music documentary titled Faye Reborn.

In 2011, Susie was invited by mainstream director Jeff Lau (劉鎮偉) to be the Music Director for East Meets West 2011 (東成西說 2011). Not only Susie directed a few musical scenes, she has revived the classic songs for film and created an emotional sound track.

In 2012, Susie directed and scripted Beauty University (美麗大學); starring Shu Qi (舒淇). It is the story written about contemporary Chinese women. It is rarely found in China viro on short drama driven by visuals than dialogue. The film is a visual meditation on the values of modern living and marriage. It is well received in China during the launch.

In 2013, Susie is invited by Juno Mak (麥俊龍) to direct the music video of "Poison Love" with Zombie Boy (Rick Genest).

In 2014, Susie focused on developing her feature film scripts and installation art projects.

In 2015, her new film project Crazy Girls Dancing Club (working title) was selected by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and invited as a resident artist in Berlin.

In 2016, Susie was invited to Berlin by Nipkow Programme as artist in residence to create TV series. In this year, Susie also created and directed a multimedia-dance-theatre Utopia, Momentarily. Partnering with lyricist Chow Yiu Fai (周耀輝) and musician Vicky Fung Wing Ki (馮穎琪), the project was sponsored by Hong Kong New Vision Arts Festival, after one and half year's endeavour, Utopia, Momentarily launched in Kwai Ching Theatre in November 2016. Not only pop singers like Anthony Wong (黃耀明), Juno Mak (麥俊龍), Eman Lam (林二汶) and Yoyo Sham (岑寧兒) were invited to perform the songs, the project involved many first endeavours for the festival. Not only Susie is the theatre director, she also created and designed all the visuals for the project. Utopia, Momentarily was highly acclaimed from both the pop and theatre field.



Year Title Role Artist Genre Note
2013 Poison Love Director Juno Mak, Zombie Boy Experimental Film
2012 Beauty University Director, Scriptwriter Shu Qi Short Drama
2012 Faye Reborn Director Faye Wong Music Documentary
2011 East Meets West 2011 Music Director Eason Chan, Karen Mok and Kenny B Musical Feature
2008 Moving On Director Eason Chan Music Documentary
2008 Les Dancer Director Short Documentary Commissioned by a Hong Kong local fashion brand Bread n Butter
2007 Duo Director Eason Chan Music Documentary
2007 Ming Ming Director Zhou Xun, Daniel Wu and Tony Yang Feature Film Selected for I see it my way series in the 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival and was officially screened in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
2007 Two Women, One Heart Director Chan Fai Young Experimental Film For 12 Faces of Women Concert
2004 Moon Wall Director Karena Lam and Rebecca Pan Musical Film Commissioned by
2004 Fable 4:30pm Director Short Drama Selected by PPP (Pusan Promotion Plan)
1995 Merry Christmas Director Faye Wong Music Documentary
1993 To Hide and Seek Director Short Drama Selected by the 16th Hong Kong International Film Festival

Installation art/theatre work[edit]

Year Title Collaboration Role
2017 "World in Daze, Woman in Wind" Artopia Gallery (Beijing) Photographer, Multi-Installation Artist
2016 Utopia, Momentarily Multimedia Theatre Chow Yiu Fai, Vicky Fung Wing Ki, Anthony Wong, Juno Mak, Eman Lam and Yoyo Sham Theatre Director, Visual Director, Multi-Installation Artist
2013 Out of the Box on Juno Mak, Renaissance Man on SK Lam, King of the Toy on Michael Lau Elle Men Creative Director/ Photographer
2012 Jacky Cheung 1/2 Century World Tour Jacky Cheung Multi-Installation Artist
2012 Turn On the Concert Tat Ming Pair Film Director, Multi-Installation Artist
2008 Artists Series - Les Dancer Bread n Butter Photographer
2007 Tian Tian Xiang Shang Comic Exhibition in Shanghai Danny Yung (榮念曾) Video Installation Artist
2007 Music Adventure – Ming Ming X Susie Au Music Journey Hennessy And Times Square Installation Artist
2006 HA! Read MV! Basheer Design Books HK, Agnes b, Sony Video Installation Artist
1997 Toy Faye Wong Album Cover Photographer

Awards and nominations[edit]

Music videos[edit]

Year Song Artist Awards and Nominations
2008 Why Mavis Fan Nominated for the Best MTV-19th Annual Taiwan GMA
1998 Don't Bother Faye Wong Best MTV of the Year - Metro City Radio Station Pop Songs Awards

Best MTV of the Year - Taiwan Channel V MTV Awards

1997 True Love Jeff Chang Nominated for the Best MTV of Asia - MTV Channel
1996 Di-Dar Faye Wong Winner of Silver Plaque Award - The 32nd Chicago International Film Festival Music Video Awards
1996 Before the Sunrise Anthony Wong Winner of Merit Award - The 32nd Chicago International Film Festival Music Video Awards
1994 Love of No Night Anthony Wong Winner of Gold Plaque Award - The 30th Chicago International Film Festival Music Video Awards
1993 You and I Annie Leung Winner of the Golden Plaque Award - The CCTV Annual MTV Awards
1993 Web of Love Jacky Cheung Nominated for the Best MTV of Asia - MTV Channel

TV commercials[edit]

Year Title Client Awards and Nominations
2007 As Tears Go By Haier Mobius Award
2007 Small S, My attitude Clear shampoo Effie Award for Best Performance
2003 Gor Yin Hai - "P.E. Class" Vita Hong Kong 4As Creative Awards, Merit Award for the Best Single TV Commercial - Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Beverage
2003 Gor Yin Hai - "P.E. Class" Vita 11th Times International Chinese Advertising Awards, Silver Award - Non-Alcoholic Beverage
2003 Gor Yin Hai - "Basketball" Vita 11th Times International Chinese Advertising Awards, Silver Award - Non-Alcoholic Beverage
2001 Hot Vitasoy - "Cold Orange" Vita Hong Kong 4As Creative Awards, Silver Award for the Best Single TV Commercial - Alcoholic/Non-Alcoholic Beverage
2001 $8 Promotion McDonald's Hong Kong 4As Creative Awards, Silver Award for the Best TV Campaign
1998 Imagery Bank of East Asia Hong Kong 4As Creative Awards, Finalist for the Banking/Financial TV Commercial


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