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Susie Boniface is a British journalist and author who has written for many newspapers and uses the pseudonym Fleet Street Fox in her Daily Mirror column and on Twitter. She used the name Lillys Miles while writing an anonymous blog, but revealed her identity when her book Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox was published in 2013.


Boniface first worked at the Kent & Sussex Courier for three years after leaving school.[1][2]

She worked at the Plymouth Herald as defence reporter.[3] She worked for The Sun, the Daily Mail, The Guardian and the Press Association before joining the Sunday Mirror, where she worked for 10 years, until she volunteered for redundancy in March 2012.[4]

Boniface lectured for four years at Brunel University and in 2016 joined the journalism department as a visiting lecturer at City University London.[5]


Boniface was nominated for the 2009 British Press Awards for her campaign "British Nuclear Test Vets".[6] She won 3rd "must follow journo" in the 2011 CRAPPs awards as Fleet Street Fox.[7] Fleet Street Fox won the London Press Club Blog of the Year in 2013.[8] She was nominated for Columnist of the Year (popular press) in the 2014 Society of Editors Press Awards.[9]

Fleet Street Fox[edit]

Boniface began her first anonymous blog, now removed, in April 2009 and started tweeting as fleetstreetfox in October 2009.[10] She started a second news-based blog as Fleet Street Fox in 2011.[11] She revealed her name in The Times in 2013[12] at the same time as her book was published by Constable & Robinson, though her identity was not a closely kept secret before then;[13] she had been named on Twitter in 2011 by Chris Atkins[14] and again after a spat with Jemima Khan in May 2012.[15][16]

Julie Burchill praised her blogging in the British Journalism Review, but said of the book, "Reader, I hated it."[17] Broadcaster Jeremy Vine described it as "the first book I've read that starts at 90mph and speeds up".[18]

Personal life[edit]

Boniface separated from her husband, a Sun journalist, in 2006.[19] Her book described both her work as a journalist and their divorce, in which she referred to him using the insulting pseudonym, Twatface.[20]


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