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Susie Elelman (2012)

Susie Elelman AM (born c.1954)[1] is an Australian television presenter, model, and author, most famous for her appearances on daytime television in Australia. From 2007-2008, she hosted her own talk show, titled Susie.

According to records at the National Museum of Australia, Elelman was a participant in the Miss Northern Beaches and Miss New South Wales beauty competitions, and was in the national final of the Miss Australia Quest of 1973.[2]

In mid-2007, Elelman hosted her own daily talk show, titled Susie, which was broadcast on the WIN Television network. The network's chief executive at the time, David Butorac, axed the show in 2009. Butorac says that he himself was sacked from the network because of his decision to cancel Elelman's show, which was said to be a favourite of the network's owner, Bruce Gordon.[3]

Elelman has shocked local media by her provocative appearances at the annual television Logie Awards. In 2004 she appeared at the awards with her head shaved.[4]

In 2011, Elelman and entertainer Barry Crocker co-hosted the Australian music industry's annual Mo Awards.[5]

Since 2011, Elelman has appeared in a weekly guest spot on Channel Seven's The Morning Show. in 2015, Elelman was honoured in the annual Queens Birthday honours, in the Member of Australia division.

Personal life[edit]

In May, 2017, Elelman admitted on talk show Studio 10 that she had been sexually assaulted by now disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris. She said on the show "He had this habit of hugging you and then running his hand down your back and trying to insert his finger you know where. And then what you’d do of course ... is flinch and therefore you go closer in towards him which means that your groins would join." Elelman was in her 20's working behind the scenes of a show back in the 70's when the incident happened. She said her experience was "bad enough", but that she was more concerned for a 15-year-old work experience girl there.[6]


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