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Susie Frazier
Born Susan Lakas Frazier
Spouse(s) Tim Mueller 2000-present
Website Susie Frazier

Susie Frazier (born August 21, 1970 in Inglewood, California), also known as Susie Frazier Mueller, is an environmental artist who designs fine art and public art based on the smallest patterns of the earth.[1] Influenced by the way life self-organizes and the Wabi Sabi design aesthetic, Frazier uses actual found objects from the field to reinterpret nature's motifs. Her assemblage ecoart is characterized by signs of aging and imperfection in the natural materials.


She was raised in the southwest, and lived with her mother and sister in Englewood, Colorado, a suburb south of Denver. There, she studied advanced commercial art at Cherry Creek High School and graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1993, with a BA in Communications.[2] In 1992 she moved to Cleveland, Ohio. She is married to Tim Mueller; they have three children, Casey, Morgan, and Brady. She was a German Marshall Fund fellow.[3]

Public art[edit]


She has shown at the Wooltex Gallery.[4] In 2007, Frazier was selected to design integrated public art elements of a $3.5 million streetscape in Cleveland’s Gordon Square Arts District.[5] Drawing from the strong contours along Lake Erie, Frazier worked with Detroit Shoreway Community Development Organization (DSCDO), City Architecture, and various fabricators to implement concentric patterns in the crosswalks, amoeba-shaped benches with lights, and rhythmic sidewalk textures. Through her crosswalk design plans, Frazier extracted a distinctive mark to become Gordon Square's new identity featured throughout the district's signage and marketing materials.[6] Construction of the streetscape began in the fall of 2008 and was completed in the winter of 2009.[7][8]

Civic contributions[edit]


In 2003, she co-founded a downtown Cleveland marketing program called Sparx in the City,[9][10] which earned the City of Cleveland a City Livability Award by the U.S. Conference of Mayors in 2005.[11] The program included a sidewalk concert series of performing artists in the heart of downtown in an effort to stimulate commerce at area restaurants. It also included Ohio's largest art walk, featuring open galleries across nine arts districts, connected by trolley buses.[12][13]


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