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In the Parliament of the United Kingdom, Members of Parliament (MPs) can be suspended from sitting in the House of Commons by the Speaker for "disorderly conduct".[1] The Speaker can order that an MP is removed from the house until the end of the day, but more often "names" an MP.

When an MP is named, a vote is held in the house in the same way as a normal vote on legislation. If the vote is successful, the MP named is suspended for five days for a first offence and 20 days for a second offence, during which time they cannot take part in votes and debates in Parliament. They also have their pay suspended.[1]

Members of the House of Lords can also be suspended. This occurred for the first time since 1642[3] in May 2009, when Labour peers Lord Truscott and Lord Taylor of Blackburn were suspended after a newspaper accused them of offering to change laws for cash.[2] It was followed by the suspension of three more peers in October 2010, when Baroness Uddin, Lord Paul and Lord Bhatia were suspended following the Parliamentary expenses scandal.[4]

List of MPs suspended from parliament[edit]

Date Member of Parliament Political party Duration Reason
2 July 1931 John McGovern Independent Labour Party Remainder of the session Disregarding ruling of the chair and requiring force to be removed when initially ordered to withdraw.[5]
27 May 1976 Michael Heseltine Conservative ... Seizing the ceremonial mace.[6]
1984 Dennis Skinner Labour ... Unparliamentary language - referring to David Owen as a "pompous sod", and then only withdrawing the word "pompous".[7]
1985 Brian Sedgemore Labour ... Accusing Nigel Lawson of "perverting the course of justice.
15 March 1988 Alex Salmond Scottish National Party 5 days Standing Orders relating to disorderly conduct.
20 April 1988 Ron Brown Labour 20 days Damaging the ceremonial mace.
1992 Dennis Skinner Labour ... Unparliamentary language - referring to Minister for Agriculture John Gummer as a "little squirt of a minister"
1993 Ian Paisley Democratic Unionist ... Unparliamentary Language - refusing to withdraw use of the word "falsehoods" after being instructed to do so by the Speaker.[8]
1995 Dennis Skinner Labour ... Accusing the Government of a "crooked deal".
1998 Ronnie Campbell Labour ... Unparliamentary language, calling Conservative Shadow Agriculture Minister Michael Jack a "hypocrite".[9]
2001 Geoffrey Robinson Labour 3 weeks Failing to declare receipt of £200,000 from outside interest Hollis/Lock in payment for "management services" he provided in 1990[10]
February 2002 Keith Vaz Labour 2 weeks Negligently overclaiming on expenses[11]
14 February 2003 Michael Trend Conservative 1 month Obstructing an investigation into his financial affairs.[12]
February 2003 Clive Betts Labour 1 week Hiring a male escort as his Parliamentary assistant [13]
3 February 2005 Jonathan Sayeed Conservative 2 week Using tours of parliament to promote a travel business.[14]
8 December 2005 Dennis Skinner Labour ... Accused the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne of taking cocaine as a student.[15]
20 April 2006 Dennis Skinner Labour ... Unparliamentary Language - accusing Deputy Speaker Sir Alan Haselhurst of leniency towards opposition frontbencher Theresa May "because she's a Tory".[16]
23 July 2007 George Galloway Respect 18 days Questioning the integrity of MPs investigating whether Galloway took money from Iraq.[17][18]
31 January 2008 Derek Conway Conservative 10 days Employing family members in breach of rules on payments[19]
15 January 2009 John McDonnell Labour 5 days Removing the ceremonial mace.[20][21]
11 May 2011 David Laws Liberal Democrat 7 days Paying rent from his MPs' allowance to his partner.[22]
10 July 2013 Nigel Dodds Democratic Unionist Party ... Unparliamentary language - describing answers given by Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Theresa Villiers to questions about her powers as being "deliberately deceptive"[23]
18 September 2012 Paul Flynn Labour 5 Days Accusing defence secretary Philip Hammond of lying to the House of Commons
11 April 2016 Dennis Skinner Labour ... Unparliamentary language - referring to Prime Minister David Cameron as 'Dodgy Dave'[24]
13 June 2018 Ian Blackford Scottish National Party ... Not returning to his seat and causing a scene
24 July 2018 Ian Paisley Jr Democratic Unionist Party 30 days Failing to declare two family holidays paid for by the Sri Lankan Government

A full and official list of MPs suspended from Parliament from 1949-2009 can be found here:link Members Suspended from the House of Commons


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