Suspensory ligament of clitoris

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Suspensory ligament of clitoris
Latin Ligamentum suspensorium clitoridis
TA A04.5.02.019F
FMA 21861
Anatomical terminology

The suspensory ligament of the clitoris is a fibrous band at the deep fascial level that extends from the pubic symphysis to the deep fascia of the clitoris, anchoring the clitoris to the pubic symphysis.[1] By virtue of this connection, the pubic symphysis supports the clitoris.

The suspensory ligament of clitoris consistently displayed two components: a superficial fibro-fatty structure extending from a broad base within the mons pubis to converge on the body of the clitoris and extending into the labia majora: in addition there is a deep component with a narrow origin on the symphysis pubis extending to the body and the bulbs of the clitoris.[2]

Its form and position differs from those of the suspensory ligament of the penis. During sexual arousal, the ligament shortens and swells. This pulls the clitoral shaft in such a way that the clitoral glans appears to retract beneath the clitoral hood.

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