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The Sussex Archaeological Society, founded in 1846, is the largest county-based archaeological society in the UK. Its headquarters are in Lewes, Sussex. The current chief executive of the society is John Manley.

As well as the supervision of excavations within Sussex, the SAS publishes the Sussex Archaeological Collections and an annual report, and administers the Long Man of Wilmington and six historic properties:


In April 2006, the society started an archeological investigation into the Tide Mills area.[1] The investigation is expected by Newhaven Local & Maritime Museum to include not only the tide mill, but also to record the entire East Beach site: Mills, Railway Station, Nurses Home, Chailey Heritage Marine Hospital, Newhaven Seaplane Base and the later holiday homes and the Newhaven Marconi Radio Station of 1904.

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The society has published an official journal, Sussex Archaeological Collections, annually since 1848 with a few gaps. It is sent to members and subscribers, and exchanged with other similar societies.


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