Sussex Golden Ginger Ale

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Sussex Golden Ginger Ale
TypeGinger Ale
ManufacturerCanada Dry Mott's, a division of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Country of originCanada
IntroducedLate 1800’s
Related productsCanada Dry Ginger Ale, Schweppes Ginger Ale, Schweppes Golden Ginger Ale

Sussex Golden Ginger Ale is a "golden" ginger ale originally bottled in the town of Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada. It is produced by Canada Dry Mott's, a subsidiary of the Dr Pepper Snapple Group. The beverage is retailed in Canada's Maritime Provinces and northern areas in the state of Maine.

Ginger ales generally come in two varieties. Golden ginger ale; which is dark colored and more strongly flavoured; and dry ginger ale, which is more common today. Dry ginger ale was developed during prohibition when ginger ale was used as a mixer for alcoholic beverages which made the stronger flavour of the golden variety undesirable. Dry ginger ale quickly became more popular than golden, and today golden ginger ales like Sussex are an uncommon and usually a regional drink. People who visit the Maritime Provinces often bring Sussex Ginger Ale back home for friends and relatives who have connections to the Maritime Provinces.


Other soft drinks with the Sussex name have been Sussex Old English Ginger Beer, Sussex Pale Dry Ginger Ale, Sussex Red Oval Ginger Ale, and Sussex Cola.

Brand ownership[edit]

The brand has had various owners including Sussex Mineral Spring Co., Sussex Ginger Ale Ltd., Maritime Beverages Ltd., Great Pacific Industries Inc., Canadian 7up, and Crush Canada Inc. Sussex Golden Ginger Ale is now owned by the Dr Pepper Snapple Group (formerly Cadbury Beverages Canada Inc.).

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