Sussex Rugby Football Union

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Sussex Rugby Football Union
Sport Rugby Union
Number of teams 41
Country  England

The Sussex Rugby Football Union is the society responsible for rugby union in the county of Sussex, England and is one of the constituent bodies of the national Rugby Football Union.[1][2]


The Union is formed of 41 clubs from the towns and villages (and three universities) of Sussex and is run by a committee of representatives from all the affiliated clubs.[1][3]


The first rugby club in Sussex was Brighton, formed in 1868. Following the formation of several other clubs in the 1880s, the Sussex Rugby Football Union was formed in 1883, several years prior to the national organisation of which it is now a constituent part, with the most recent members admitted in 2008.[3]


The Union has 1 team in National League 2 South, 3 teams in London 1 South 1 in London 2 South West as well as 3 teams in London 2 South East and 4 teams in London 3 South East.

There are also 5 Sussex specific leagues in levels 9-12. sponsored by brewer Shepherd Neame, and named for their range of beers:[4]

The Sussex Spitfire 1 league comes under the auspices of the London Division of the Rugby Football Union, but the lower four leagues are run entirely by the Sussex Union.

The Sussex Late Red 3 league is an amalgamation of the 'Sussex Late Red 3 West' and 'Sussex Bishops Finger 3 East' leagues, a change which was introduced for the 2014-2105 season.

In addition to leagues, they also run six knockout competitions at different levels, all called Sussex Spitfire and respectively the Trophy, Bowl, Shield, Vase, Plate and Salver.[4]

Member clubs[edit]


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