Susten Pass

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Susten Pass
Picswiss BE-95-09 Sustenpass- Passhöhe.jpg
View of the Bernese side of the pass with the tunnel
Elevation 2,262 m (7,421 ft)[1]
Traversed by Road (2,224 m)
Location Bern/Uri, Switzerland
Range Urner Alps
Coordinates 46°43.8′N 08°26.94′E / 46.7300°N 8.44900°E / 46.7300; 8.44900Coordinates: 46°43.8′N 08°26.94′E / 46.7300°N 8.44900°E / 46.7300; 8.44900
Susten Pass is located in Switzerland
Susten Pass
Susten Pass
Location in Switzerland

Susten Pass (German: Sustenpass) (el. 2262 m.) is a mountain pass in the Swiss Alps. The pass road, built from 1938–1945, connects Innertkirchen in the canton of Bern with Wassen in the canton of Uri. A 300 metres long tunnel crosses the pass at 2,224 metres.

The pass is popular with tourists, especially for the views of the Stein Glacier on the south side.

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  1. ^ Retrieved from the Siegfried topographic map [1]. The more recent Swisstopo topographic map [2] only indicates the height of the road tunnel.

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