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Suta Group
Gangnam District, Seoul, 135010
South Korea
Area served
160 countries
Key people
Lawrence Choi, chief executive officer
DivisionsEvents & Media
Joint Ventures
Art + Commerce
Pageantry The Miss Supertalent Organization
Supertalent Fashion Week
Supertalent World Record

Suta Group, originally known as the Supertalent World Group, is an events and talent management company headquartered in Seoul. Miss Supertalent, Supertalent Fashion Week, Musicians are the event and awards brands of Suta Group and expanded to numerous locations throughout the globe.[1][2]

Miss Supertalent[edit]

The Miss Supertalent of the World (Korean: 슈퍼탤런트 오브 더 월드), is a twice-yearly high-profile media event participating fashion stars of beauty queen, supermodel, actress, pop artists, host, dance champion with unique format showcasing fashion and talent

Supertalent Fashion Week[edit]

Supertalent Fashion Week is showed the clips of Miss Supertalent Contestants' Fashion Week from all over the world. The event is three days long per season and held twice a year at the Korea International Exhibition Center, Daegu Textile Complex and Incheon International Airport, Myeongdong, Eiffel Tower, Jungfraujoch

Supertalent World Record[edit]

Best global performance ever recorded and officially verified in a specific skills and human achievement of entertainment, sports, politician and 4th industrial revolutio[3]

Supertalent ST Stoa[edit]

Online shop.

Supertalent Art School[edit]

A joint-venture partnership with Born Star, operating 15 campuses both in Korea, China and USA, alumni including a member of Infinite, Kara, Hello Venus, Kim Yu-mi (beauty pageant titleholder) and Girl's Day, with leadership Dean Kim Tae-won, leading rock bands, Boohwal and Shin Goo, South Korean actor, Suta Art School is a global entertainment School in Korea exclusively created for vocal, dancing, acting, hair, make-up.[4][5]


Suta Media is a production arm that distribute artist contents from various Multi Channel Contents, partnership with Yuuzoo's YuuFlix in Singapore, The Times Group's Times Internet in India, MobStar in Ireland[6][7] and Korea MCN, Global MCN[8]


Suta Model Movement is a talent and location shooting department.[9]


Suta Dolls is a pop artist division.[10]

Joint ventures[edit]

Suta Group operates joint ventures with Yuuzoo Corporation [11] a Singapore listed social media company[12] in four key E-commerce,[13] E-commerce payment system,[14] Online gaming, and Social network, all work to develop fashion, beauty and gaming contents in their respective businesses.[15] Suta Group has also partnered with The Times Group, a flagship company Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited (BCCL).[16]


As of October 2015:


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